Behind the name Primiero Hiking lies a group of people born and raised in Primiero, each with different backgrounds, yet united by friendship and passion for outdoor activities. 

This site was created with the clear intent of sharing information about hiking and trekking in Primiero, a small territory between the Dolomites of Trentino – Alto Adige / Südtirol and those of Veneto. Despite the presence of many more famous outdoor portals, we think that our approach, with relatively standardized, constantly revised content focused on an area we have known all our lives, can offer that something extra to the reader and user.

The extensive collective experience gained over the years, combined with a combination of technical and cartographic knowledge and a substantial photographic archive made this project a reality.

Born in 2020, over the years the site has evolved, changing its appearance and content to make it more user-friendly. As a spin-off project to the site, in 2022 we were able to publish a book of selected routes with the well known editor Versante Sud. Since then, the Primiero Hiking group, author of the book, has formally become an APS (Association for Social Promotion).

The hope is that Primiero Hiking offering can provide a comprehensive and qualitatively relevant content, constantly evolving, able to inspire visitors and hikers of this extraordinary territory.

Thanks to all those who have given us their time and help while realizing primierohiking.com and to all the sympathizers.

Authors / Members

Bettega Andrea, Boninsegna Carlo, Gaio Aaron, Nava Alessandro, Pintar Andrej, Simion Giancarlo, Simoni Nicolò, Simoni Simone, Todesco Luigi, Zugliani Hermann


Bettega Walter, Debertolis Anna, Debertolis Bruno, Debertolis Mattia, Giovanelli Silvia, Lorenzet Tazia, Mazzurana Andrea, Meneghel Daniele, Moz Maria, Nava Roberto, Negrello Manuel, Ongaro Filippo, Scalet Marco, Simion Ada, Simion Giorgio, Simion Narciso, Taufer Valentina, Toffol Francesco, Toffol Maria Giulia, Zanetel Claudia, Zugliani Giuliano


All of the routes proposed on this site were recorded after the Vaia storm (Autumn 2018), and the date of publication of the itineraries coincides with the date the hike was done. Although some of the routes still had some crashes along the way, they were assessed by the whole group as “doable”. In general, the alpine environment is subject to constant change; therefore, it is the user’s responsibility to know the condition and accessibility of the trails before tackling a route.

The lengths and elevation reported are correct and measured with high-precision GPS instruments (mostly Garmin and Suunto high end devices), while the lengths in terms of time (as well as the qualitative indicator of difficulty) are discretionary and based on the time taken by the authors to complete the itinerary, walking or running; in calibrating duration and grading, Primiero Hiking always conducts a discussion among its members before publishing an itinerary.

The authors of this site are not responsible for any kind of damage or injury resulting from the use of the information, maps, routes, techniques, and suggestions on this site. All outdoor activities are done at one’s own risk.

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