Colle di San Pietro

Baita Cogolate – Forcella Cimonega – AV No. 2 – Rifugio Boz – Colle San Pietro


Location Cimonega Group, Sass de Mura
Features Cimonega Group
Track Condition Not well marked on Val Giasinozza side
Vertigo Level 3/5
Ground (Forest) 40%
Ground (Grass) 40%
Ground (Rock) 20%
Ground (Urban) -
Lenght 18.5km
Duration 6h
Elev Gain 1,985m
Elev Loss 1,985m
Max Elevation 2,284m
Min Elevation 1,126m
Car Park 46.173528, 11.902611



man-in-hike-256 Hiking boots  Map recommended


This hike surely is not so well known by both locals and tourists. This loop develops around Sass de Mura peak (2,547 m a.s.l.), touching few of the least explored parts of Primiero, such as Val Giasinozza and Val Fonda.

It is an extremely beautiful hike and walking along this route, with an amazing and silent landscape, will be a pleasure. However, the fact that the areas are not really well explored leads us to suggest that it is not a hike for beginners (at all). We strongly recommend also to bring a map together with you, not because we believe you might get lost, but simply because it helps you keeping the confidence and effectively know wherever you are at any time.

The way up from Baita Cogolate is not well marked but fairly clear, since Forcella di Cimonega (2,120m a.s.l) will be visible in front of you. The path is quite small and sometimes not really visible, but keeping the direction towards Forcella di Cimonega is not hard and will be enough. Once crossed the ridge you will leave Trentino Alto Adige and will be in Belluno province. After few hundreds of meters, you will cross the Alta Via path, which is a more popular and visible path going through the contour. You will be following the Alta Via path, facing South West, until reaching Val Fonda with the Rifugio Boz and Malga Neva. Once reached Val Fonda, it is important to stay a little bit higher, compared to the huts, reaching Colle San Pietro. From the top of Colle San Pietro (1,954m a.s.l.) the view will simply leave you speechless. After Colle San Pietro, the way leading to the starting point is simple and starts with a long downhill that leads you to the bottom of Val Giasinozza, where you will have to follow the gravel road until the start. The very last part of the hike (i.e. the one on the gravel road) can be a little bit boring.




  • From the start (located nearby the Rifugio Forestale, at Baita Cogolàte, in Giasinozza Valley) take the tiny path through the pine trees forest following the South-Eastern direction to Forcella di Cimonega, which is visible at the start,
  • Once crossing Forcella di Cimonega, walk down through the valley for less than 1 km until you meet the Alta Via main path, way more visible and maintained,
  • Once Alta Via is met, turn right (Southern direction) and follow the path towards Rifugio Bruno Boz,
  • Right before arriving at Rifugio Boz, keep following the path that stays higher than the Rifugio towards Colle San Pietro,
  • From Colle San Pietro, follow the path going along the ridge (heading West) for approximately 500m, until you find a small path going down to Val Giasinozza,
  • Follow the path until you get on the bottom of Val Giasinozza, stepping into a gravel road,
  • Follow the gravel road along the valley to get back to the starting point. ✓