Forcella Folga

Calaita – Forcella Valsorda – Malga Tognola – Cima Tognazza – Forcella Scanaiòl


Location Lago di Calaita
Features Lagorai, Pale di San Martino
Track Condition Well marked and visible
Vertigo Level 2/5
Terrain (Forest) 70%
Terrain (Grass) 30%
Terrain (Rock) -
Terrain (Urban) -
Length 22.9 km
Duration 6h 30
Elev Gain 1 450 m
Elev Loss 1 450 m
Max Elevation 2 235 m
Min Elevation 1 584 m
Car Park 46.201389, 11.792306



This extremely nice itinerary on the Lagorai’ igneous rocks draws a loop around the mountain group made by the peaks of Folga, Arzon and Scanaiól, located in the southeast corner of the mountain range of Lagorai. Like all the classics trails within the Lagorai, this is a very long yet beautiful route, among green forest trees, wide open areas, huts, mountain gaps and ridges, presenting spectacular sights both on the porphyria rocks of Lagorai and on the dolomitic ones of Pale di San Martino.

The starting location is by the lake of Calaita (1,621 m asl), which can be easily accessed with your own vehicle. The very first stretch of the hike descends for about 200 m along the main access road to the hut placed beside the lake (a.k.a. Rifugio Calaita), for then taking the gravel road on the right, pointing west, towards the hut of Malga Grugola. After about 600 meters along the road, the route takes the Signpost No. 358, uphill, still towards Malga Grugola.

Once arrived at Malga Grugola (1,782 m asl), the track continues, by still following the Signpost No. 358 towards the mountain gap called Forcella Folga. From Forcella Folga (2,197 m asl) – and for all the entire stretch that follows – you can enjoy a beautiful view towards the peak of Cima d’Asta and all the mountain range of Vette Feltrine. From the gap, take the visible Signpost No. 347 to the west which, after a first downhill stretch, leads to another mountain gap called Forcella Valsorda (2,094 m asl), crossing some basins with remains of pastures and huts, including some trenches of the Great War which are clearly visible from Forcella Valsorda. At the gap, a beautiful panorama on the eastern part of the Lagorai mountain range, with the peaks of Colbricon, Ceremana and Bragarolo that stand out in the distance opens up.

After crossing the gap of Forcella Valsorda, the route starts descending along the Signpost No. 390 towards the hut of Malga Valsorda alta (1,918 m asl). From the hut, the trail continues downhill on the old access road to the building, clearly visible and marked, which follows the bed of the stream named Rivo Valsordetta. As a side note, during this stretch it is important to keep the riverbed as a reference, since the trail detaches from the road on a couple of instances. Once you reach the stream of Rio Tognola, which flows into the Rivo Valsordetta to shape the Rio Valsorda, near a wooden bridge where the hut of Valsorda stands (1,543 m asl – lowest point of the itinerary), the ascent begins along the Signpost No. 352 towards Malga Tognòla di Sirór, which develops on the orographic right of stream of Rio Tognola. After overtaking the crossroads with the path to Malga Tognòla di San Vittore, continue along the Signpost No. 352 with the forest that slowly disappears for the open areas of Alpe Tognola. Once at the base of the Scandola ski lift, the trail goes up the slope a bit, arriving at Malga Tognòla di Sirór (1,990 m asl), with a last flat stretch. Malga Tognòla is located in the heart of the ski lifts and the view that opens onto the dolomites of Pale di San Martino is simply amazing.

From Malga Tognòla, the route continues by taking the forest road that climbs the meadows towards the hut of Rifugio Tognòla (2,163 m asl), already visible from Malga Tognòla on the ridge to the south east. From Rifugio Tognòla (2,143 m asl) the path continues south along the ridge formed by the peaks of Tognòla and Tognazza, from which you can admire a unique panorama, with the Pale di San Martino to the left, Cima Scanaiól in front and a good part of the chain of Lagorai and the valley on the right. The path on the ridge to Forcella Scanaiòl is well marked and leads to the gap passing through the summit of Cima Tognazza (2,235 m asl).

From the gap of Forcella Scanaiòl (2,093 m asl), the route returns to Calaita descending to the left, eastern direction, towards Malga Scanaiòl, which can be reached in about 20 minutes after passing through a very suggestive rough open area, along a path that in 3 km it leads directly to the lake of Calaita, with a very last stretch on the basin from which the beautiful view of the lake opens.




  • Da Calaita (1.621 m slm), prendere il Sentiero No. 358 verso Malga Grugola / Forcella Folga, passando per Malga Grugola (1.782 m slm),
  • Da Forcella Folga (2.197 m slm), prendere il Sentiero No. 347 verso Forcella Valsorda,
  • Da Forcella Valsorda (2.094 m slm), prendere in discesa il Sentiero No. 390 lungo il Rivo Valsordetta fino alla casina forestale di Valsorda, passando per Malga Valsorda alta (1.918 m slm),
  • Dalla casina forestale  (1.543 m slm), salire lungo il Sentiero No. 352 verso Malga Tognòla di Sirór,
  • Da Malga Tognòla di Sirór (1.990 m slm), seguire la strada forestale per il Rifugio Tognola,
  • Dal Rifugio Tognòla (2.163 m slm), procedere a sud lungo il crinale per Forcella Scanaiòl, passando per Cima Tognazza (2.235 m slm),
  • Da Forcella Scanaiòl (2.093 m slm), scendere verso Calaita, passando per Malga Scanaiòl. ✓