Calaita – Malga Grúgola – Biotopo Frattón


Location Lago di Calaita
Features Forest, Lagorai
Track condition On the gravel road the first part, in the forest the second
Vertigo Level 0/5
Terrain (Forest) 90%
Terrain (Grass) 10%
Terrain (Rock) -
Terrain (Urban) -
Length 5 km
Duration 1h 30
Elev Gain 265m
Elev Loss 250m
Max Elevation 1,782m
Min Elevation 1,599m
Car Park 46.201927, 11.789771





This hike is an interesting variation of the tourist walk from Calaita to Malga Grugola along the gravel road, which is also proposed with snowshoes during the winter season. The pastures of Malga Grugola are certainly not popular. However, the location of the mountain hut offers an atypical view over the western side of the Pale di San Martino, the valleys of Lozen and Vanoi and the Vette Feltrine.

The first part of the route follows the gravel road to Malga Grugola (also marked as Signpost No. 358). The road starts near the Calaita Lake and leads with a gentle climb up to the mountain hut. This part of the hike is suitable for everyone. From Malga Grugola, the highest point of the hike (1.782 m a.s.l.), take the path downhill through the forest that follows follows a small stream. Once getting closed to the forest road already taken from the start, you should turn left and take a small and not really visible path that goes up towards the Biotopo Frattón. The path (No. 143) is marked on trees with blue signs and proceeds uphill for about a kilometer, passing through two beautiful marshes that can be easily described as a little untouched paradise in Lagorai.

Although this stretch is hardly visible, it is difficult to get lost, also because maintaining the direction, once passing the stream called Rio Val Pisorno and the Biotopo Frattón, you will reach the Signpost No. 347. Going down the path 347, keep to the left side and follows another small path that climbs along the slopes until reaching the ridge, for then descending towards the Calaita lake. From the lake, it is comfortable to walk back to the starting point.



  • From Calaita, take the gravel road towards Malga Grugola (E358) until getting to the hut (1,782m s.l.m.),
  • From Malga Grugola, follow the direct access path to the hut through the forest downhill,
  • Right before getting back to the forest road you have already walked on, keep the left side and follow the small and not so visible path (No. 143) leading north and going through two marshes and the Biotopo Frattón,
  • From Biotopo Frattón, follow the Signpost No. No. 347 downhill,
  • Take the first path on your left side and jump over the ridge to get to Lago di Calaita,
  • After few hundreds meters you will get to Rifugio Miralago Calaita (1,600m a.s.l.) and to the starting point. ✓