Spitz del Dòch

Calaita – St. Antonio – Bedolé – Spiz del Dòch


Location Calaita
Features Vanoy Valley
Track Condition Well Marked
Vertigo Level 2/5
Ground (Forest) 90%
Ground (Grass) 10%
Ground (Rock) -
Ground (Urban) -
Lenght 11 km
Duration 3h
Elev Gain 500m
Elev Loss 500m
Max Elevation 1,836m
Min Elevation 1,540m
Car Park 46.201389, 11.792306



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Mt. Bedolè top has always been fascinating for the people in Primiero Valley. There are more direct paths leading to the top from the villages, but this on described is by far the most panoramic. Bedolè lies in between Primiero and Vanoi valley, and you will therefore have beautiful sights from there both towards Pale di San Martino plateau and the south-eastern Lagorai mountain range. Along the hike, the forest is a mix of beech, spruce and larch trees, making it really nice in all seasons, especially during the Autumn, with magnificent colors.

The hike begins from Calaita Lake (1,621m a.s.l.), which you can reach by car from Canal San Bovo or Passo Gobbera. You can find a parking place and a bar/restaurant there. Please be aware of the parking signs, especially during the Summer season. The route start by crossing the meadow south from the lake and then immediately taking a path going downhill Note: follow the Primiero Dolomiti Marathon signposts, it is well marked along the route; the path has been built brand new and the first 1,5 km of this route is not on most hiking maps. The path meets with route 358 and follows the dirt road until it becomes just a footpath. When you reach the ridge of the mountains, take left on 379 path, towards Buse di S. Romina and Mt. Bedolè. From this crossing, you can also take a short detour (200m further on 358 path) and have a look at S. Antonio capital. From here on, our route follows along the top of the ridge (CAI-SAT path 379 and then 356). Signs will lead you to the top of Mt. Bedolé (1,792m a.s.l.); along this path you will be able to see the ruins of St. Romina church – nowadays just some stone walls are left, see the historical note blow –  and a lookout post from the war, in a really panoramic position (1,750m a.s.l). From Mt.Bedolè, path 356 begins a steep downhill towards Pieve and Fiera di Primiero Valley, while we continue in north direction, following a really beautiful path on the ridge (signs to Spiz del Dòch and Forcella Calaita). After some up and downs on the hill, you reach the actual summit of our route, at 1,836m a.s.l. of Spiz del Doch. From here on downhill, with one last small climb to Col Santo (1,783m a.s.l.) and a view on Calaita Lake from the east side. At the end of the downhill you will be at the other side of Calaita meadow and lake, 1.5 km from the restaurant and parking we left from.


Historical Background


Santa Romina church, of which you can see just some ruins of the perimetrical wall and the altar, between St. Antonio capital and Mt. Bedolè, is a really ancient religious establishment for Primiero Valley. Documents date back to 1,515 when the bishop ordered to stop the liturgical celebrations there. Locals actually continued with religious happenings at the place until 1782 and actually the community tried to save the church until the end of the 19th century. The location was a passage place between Mezzano village and their pastures in Lozen Valley. The church of Santa Romina is one of the four churches that from the crosèra, a religious symbol connecting churches of San Giovanni on the east of the valley, San Vittore to the north and San Silvestro to the south, tracing a virtual cross over the entire valley.