Col dei Bechi

Colverde – Col delle Féde – Cima Rosétta


Location San Martino di Castrozza
Features Pale di San Martino, Dolomites, Rocks
Track Condition Perfectly marked
Vertigo Level 2/5
Terrain (Forest) 20%
Terrain (Grass) -
Terrain (Rock) 80%
Terrain (Urban) -
Length 15 km
Duration 6 h
Elev Gain 1 615 m
Elev Loss 1 615 m
Max Elevation 2 742 m
Min Elevation 1 530 m
Car Park 46.264319, 11.805013





This hike starts from the base of the Colverde gondola lift and will allow you at first to arrive on the Pale di San Martino plateau and then on the summit of Rosetta. The trail passes through one of the most panoramic access; namely Val di Ròda.

The Signpost No. 702 begins with a comfortable gravel road, starting just a hundred meters far from the ski lift station. The first kilometer and a half retraces one of the classic routes climbing to the hut of Rifugio Velo della Madonna. Once getting to the first crossroads, however, the trail leaves the path leading to the hut by continuing along the Signpost No. 702 instead.

Before the gravel road turns into a path, you will find another well marked crossroads, which on the right runs along the path called Sentiero del Cacciatore, while on the left continues on the Signpost No. 702. From the crossroads, the famous Baron von Lesser’s trail starts. The baron was a German nobleman from Leipzig. in 1912, the baron personally financed the construction of the path that ascends the Val di Ròda mountain basin. Extremely wide hairpin bends and an always modest slope suggest that the baron planned the construction of the path, so that he could ride a horse or, more simply, so he could be able to walk though it without any difficulty. The question remains open, but the fact is that the trail allows to perfectly admire one of the most beautiful valleys within the Pale di San Martino. With the majestic peak of Pala di San Martino (2,983 m a.s.l.) always in front of you, the Cima Rosetta on the left and the Cima Val di Ròda on the right, the track climbs through its hairpin bends, passing first through a small grass by the location of Col dei Béchi and then by a wider one by Còl delle Féde. A characteristic of this ascend is the suggestive passage into a small tunnel, for which a lamp is not necessary.

From Còl delle Féde, after about 7 kilometers, the most challenging stretch of the trail begins. This stretch, after a couple of kilometers, will lead directly to the plateau. As already told, this is the steepest and most exposed stretch. It passes on a wooden bridge without fences and goes uphill for several hairpin bends until it reaches the hut of Rifugio Pedrotti (2,580 m a.s.l.), right after crossing the gap of Passo di Val di Ròda (2,567 m a.s.l.). Since Rifugio Pedrotti is built quite closed to the arrival of the cable car, the way approaching the hut can get quite crowded.

From the hut, the mountain called Rosetta can be easily spotted: it is the one with the cross right beside the arrival of the cable car. After reaching the top of Rosetta (2,746 m a.s.l.), the way to descend is easy but rather unclear; just pick the path that is most comfortable for you. From the summit, the sight over the village of San Martino di Castrozza and on the Pale di San Martino mountain range is simply remarkable.

Once the summit is left, the last stretch begins in the proximity of Rifugio Pedrotti, where the Signpost No. 701 that will lead directly to the starting point starts. While descending, the sight is always going to face the town of San Martino di Castrozza and the Lagorai mountain range with its peaks. Initially, the descend might be a little bit steep, but it gradually soften while losing altitude. Once reached the hut of Rifugio Colverde, approximately two-thirds of the final descend will be completed, and you will only need to follow the signs that will lead you to the starting point, on a path entirely developing in the forest.




  • From the start of the gondola lift of Colverde (1,530 m a.s.l.), take uphill the Signpost 702 towards Còl dei Béchi/Altopiano delle Pale di San Martino,
  • From Còl dei Béchi, keep following the Signpost No. 702 towards Rifugio Pedrotti, passing by the location called Còl delle Féde,
  • From Rifugio Pedrotti (2,580 m a.s.l.), hike uphill to the summit of Cima Rosetta, by following the signs and the cairns,
  • From the top of Rosetta (2,746 m a.s.l.), head back to Rifugio Pedrotti and, right before reaching it, get into the trail of the Signpost No. 701, which descends straight to the starting point. ✓