Family Trail

Dolomiti Marathon Family Trail


Location Fiera di Primiero
Features Pieve, Pastures
Track Condition Very well marked
Vertigo Level 0/5
Ground (Forest) 50%
Ground (Grass) 20%
Ground (Rock) -
Ground (Urban) 30%
Lenght 6.5 km
Duration 1h 30
Elev Gain 293m
Elev Loss 293m
Max Elevation 978m
Min Elevation 722m
Car Park 46.176231, 11.829920





This is a loop recommended for people who want to walk around Fiera di Primiero within a short period of time and no extraordinary physical effort. Despite the fact that it develops from the village of Fiera di Primiero, it offers a quite remarkable sightseeing. As a matter of fact, it is called Family Trail because this loop is the one, among three courses, suggested by Primiero Dolomiti Marathon for families.

Primiero Dolomiti Marathon is a running race taking place in Primiero in the beginning of July. Thus, if you will be around in the beginning of July, do not be shy and take a chance to enter the race and try whatever distance fits you the best!

The hike starts from the very center of the village of Fiera di Primiero (Cesare Battisti square). After the first kilometer on an urban terrain, which goes through the village to Vallombrosa park, a little bit of effort is required in order to climb up to the asphalt road on the bottom of Bedolé hill. After about 20 minutes of climbing along a path, once the climb is over, the way will not require any additional effort, since from that point on it develops very gently until its very end, featuring Pale di San Martino (Dolomites) on your back, Vette Feltrine on the front and the bottom of Primiero Valley with Piz de Sagrón (Dolomites) on the far background on your left-hand side.




  • From Piazza Cesare Battisti, in the middle of Fiera di Primiero, follow the way North to Vallombrosa park
  • Right at the end Vallombrosa park, turn right and follow the path up the hill, the signs of Primiero Dolomiti Marathon should be clear
  • Head to the asphalt road, then turn left
  • Keep following the signs of Primiero Dolomiti Marathon until Via Nova path (signpost No. E357)
  • Once Via Nova (signpost No. E357) has been reached, head back to Pieve and then to the starting point. ✓


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