Col di Luna

Domadore – Bivacco Menegazzi – Casera de Camp – Col di Luna


Location Mis, Gosaldo
Features Dolomites, pastures
Track Condition On marked paths
Vertigo Level 1/5
Terrain (Forest) 45%
Terrain (Grass) 55%
Terrain (Rock) -
Terrain (Urban) -
Length 14 km
Duration 5h
Elev Gain 800 m
Elev Loss 800 m
Max Elevation 1 790 m
Min Elevation 1 340 m
Car Park 46.217761, 11.928908





The walk that arrives on the summit of Col di Luna is an incredibly charming hike on the bottom of the south-east block of the Pale di San Martino (called Pale Orientali), that starts immediately beyond the Cereda Pass, in the territory of the mountain community of Agordo. For this hike, no special skills are required, other than being used for long distances.

The route starts at the location of Domadore di Saresin, belonging to the Municipality of Gosaldo (Province of Belluno). Arriving from Cereda Pass along the main road (SS 347), the way to Domadore is not easy to spot: you have to get to the parking lot in front of the Saresin bar and then go back a hundred meters to the signs on the right side of the road, where the narrow road leading to Domadore starts.

The hike begins by taking the gravel road that climbs east, along the Signpost No. 720 to the hut of Malga Cavallera. After about 15 minutes, you reach a location called Pra’ de la Forca, where you leave the gravel road while taking the path on the left side, which, in about an hour, leads to the pastures of Malga Cavallera.

From Malga Cavallera (1,679 m a.s.l.), the sight starts opening up, with the Pale Orientali upstream, with the peaks of Feltraio and Agnèr, and the peak of Piz the Sagron and the Dolomites of Belluno downstream. The view will will keep you company throughout the whole walk.

The path continues upstream of the hamlet. During this stretch, the trail is not clearly visible, but after a few tens of meters, at the edge of the forest, by the location called Pian Lònch, the signpost for the bivouac called Bivacco Menegazzi appears. The bivouac can be reached in about ten minutes. From Bivacco Menegazzi, the trail continues in a straight line through the lawn, following the Signpost No. 773 which will take you to the hut of Malga Camp in about an hour. The path is rather easy; however, it must be approached carefully, especially in early spring and late autumn, since it can be quite slippery. As mentioned, this stretch might present some issues, including the crossing of the gully of Valle Sprit.

Once arrived at Malga Camp, continue along the Signpost No. 773 towards Passo di Luna (1,718 m a.s.l.) at the foot of the peak of Croda Granda, where you climb the right slope and in twenty minutes you reach the top of Col di Luna with its cross (1,766 m.). From the cross, there is a wide view over the valley of Agordo with its small villages, while looking north, the white of the Rifugio Scarpa-Gurekian stands out. If the sky is particularly clear, you can also distinguish the red of the Bivacco Biasìn by the peak of Monte Agnèr (2,872 m a.s.l.).

The way back starts by sharing the same stretch that has been already faced, heading to Casera de Camp. From the hamlet, continue along the gravel road that leads in a short time to Pian del Gal where, after crossing two streams of Valle dei Molini, proceeds uphill towards the hut of Casera Ortiga for just over a kilometer, and then resume the descent towards Domadore.




  • From Domadore (Municipality of Gosaldo -BL-), at 1,340 mt of altitude, follow the Signpost No. 720 towards Malga Cavallera,
  • Once arrived by the hut of Malga Cavallera (1,679 m a.s.l.), take the Signpost No. 720 towards the bivouac called Bivacco Menegazzi
  • From Bivacco Menegazzi al Pianlònch (1,737 m a.s.l.), follow the Signpost No. 733 towards Casera de Camp/Col di Luna
  • From the hut of Casera de Camp (1,750 m a.s.l.), keep walking along the Signpost No. 733 towards Col di Luna, approaching the mountain gap of Passo di Luna (1,718 m a.s.l.), 
  • Once arrived on the summit of Col di Luna (1,747 m a.s.l.), head back to Casera de Camp following the same path (i.e. Signpost No. 733),
  • From Casera de Camp, follow the gravel road marked with the Signpost No. 6 passing by the hut of Casera Ortiga (1,592 m a.s.l.), until reaching the starting point by the location of Domadore. ✓