Frassené – Col di Luna – Rifugio Scarpa


Location Agordino, Valle del Mis
Features Territory of Agordo, Pale di San Martino
Track Conditions On easy and well marked paths
Vertigo Level 0/5
Terrain (Forest) 70%
Terrain (Grass) 20%
Terrain (Rock) -
Terrain (Urban) 10%
Length 9.2 km
Duration 3h 30
Elev Gain 700 m
Elev Loss 700 m
Max Elevation 1 747 m
Min Elevation 1 096 m
Car Park 46.253054, 11.983292





This itinerary develops a little bit outside the territory belonging to the Community of Primiero, in the closed territory belonging to the Municipality of Agordo (called also “Agordino”).

The hike draws a very scenic loop of just about 10 km. Given its low technical difficulty, this hike is also recommended for less experienced or trained hikers. The walk offers, especially during the autumn season, sights with suggestive and fascinating colors overlooking the Dolomites of the Pale di San Martino and the mountain groups that define the valley of Agordo, including Monti del Sole and the Dolomite block of Monte Civetta.

The route starts from the hamlet of Frassené (1,096 m asl), in the Municipality of Voltago Agordino (BL), where you can easily find parking near the Church of San Nicolò. The itinerary begins along the street of Via Domadore, which can be reached from the church by following Via Foch and then the signs for the Signpost No. 771 and 772 along Via Domadore.

The street of Via Domadore continues westwards, leading – after about half a kilometer into the woods – to the passage on the bridge of Domadore over the stream of Valle Minzana. Once crossed the bridge, at the junction with the Signpost No. 722 that leads to the hut of Malga Luna, instead of heading towards the hut, continue along a path that cuts the coast to the west on the southern slopes of Valle Minzana, following the signs for Croce Col di Luna. At the crossroads at the hut called Baita di Berto, the track turns right, uphill, towards the top of Col di Luna, leading directly to the summit after facing an intense uphill stretch right before reaching it.

Despite its modest altitude, Col di Luna (1,747 m asl) offers a suggestive and unexpected panorama: to the east the Pale di San Martino with the peak of Monte Agnèr on their northernmost side, to the west the Agordina Valley and the surrounding mountain groups of the territory of Agordo and Zoldo, the groups of Monti del Sole and Cimónega.

The track continues descending slightly from the summit towards the gap of Passo del Col di Luna (1,718 m asl), visible from the summit itself, where you then need to follow the signs towards Rifugio Scarpa (Signpost No. 773).

In about an hour of walking, facing slight ups and downs and crossing the signs of the Signpost No. 772 (heading towards Malga Luna), you arrive at the hut of Rifugio Scarpa (1,735 m asl) which, from a panoramic point of view, has nothing to envy to the sight offered by Col di Luna.

From Rifugio Scarpa, descend along the Signpost No. 771, which takes you back to Frassené, by the starting point of the itinerary.




  • From Frassené (1,096 m asl), in the Municipality of Voltago Agordino (BL), follow the Signpost No. 771 and 772,
  • Take the Signpost No. 772, then by the bridge called Ponte Domadore take the path on the left side that plunges into the forest towards Forcella Aurine / Col di Luna,
  • From the top of Col di Luna (1,747 m asl) descend to the gap of Passo del Col di Luna (1,718 m asl) and continue towards Rifugio Scarpa, along the Signpost No. 773,
  • From the hut of Rifugio Scarpa (1,735 m asl), descend along the Signpost No. 771 to return to the starting point, in the hamlet of Frassené. ✓