Loop of Cenguei

Baita del Vècio - Zenguéi - Val Unéda - Stiòzze - Valtegnarìch

Cereda Pass,Upper Primiero

nava • 10/09/2021


02:30 hrs
8.5 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1115 m
Max. elevation
1275 m
Elevation gain
450 m
Elevation loss
450 m
Car park
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This trail, which develops between beautiful meadows and inhabited farms, is suitable for those with a minimum of physical preparation; a trained hiker would cover this loop in about two hours, but a longer time is recommended if you want to fully enjoy the landscape offered by these unpopular places. 

After five kilometers along the road that leads to Passo Cereda (SS347), you reach the hut of Baita del Vecio, historically a classic starting point for hikes, perfectly recognizable by the large (closed) parking lot on the left side of the road. Another hundred meters and, turning right, it is possible to cross the small bridge over the stream of Rio Cereda. The location is called Domadói (1,115 m asl), where it is also possible to park your vehicle and where the route begins, by initially following the Signpost No. 744.

The trail initially follows the road of the Signpost No. 744 “Alessandro Miola” towards Valtegnarich de Sora / Croce del Padèla, which leads – in about twenty minutes – to the crossroads of Valtegnarich, where you take the road to the right (the one with the shrine!) towards Cenguei, marked as Signpost No. 730. A few minutes’ walk and the view opens onto the beautiful sight offered by the meadows of Zenguei (or Cenguei, according to the modern toponymy), at an altitude of 1,145 meters. Near the numerous farms present, it will not be difficult to see some animals and, during the autumn, some grazing cows; if you are lucky, it may also happen that you can see some deer at the edge of the forest.

From Cenguei, the itinerary then proceeds to the meadows of Pusòl and its characteristic farms, located on the west coast of the hill of Sanguárna (1,172 m asl, a mountain on which, in the 1950s, had a single-seat chairlift connecting the top of the hill to the elementary school of Primiero). After descending for about twenty along the road that crosses the slope of the hill of Sanguárna from N to S, the trail reaches the intersection with the road of Val Unéda, by the location of Spiadóri. From the crossroads, the trail starts ascending along the gravel road “Pretecasa – Stadel” (Signpost No. 723) towards Ritasa / Malga Fossetta. The road proceeds with a few hairpin bends towards the meadows of Ritasa, which can be reached in about thirty minutes, after leaving the road near the location of Stadel and taking a short but rather steep climb, made also difficult by the unmaintained ground.

The location of Ritasa, with its 1,275 meters of altitude, is the highest point of the route; the effort, however, is rewarded by the charming views that open towards the Pale di San Martino and Val Canali. After Ritasa, the trail continues, reaching the beautiful meadows of Stiòzza (1,270 m asl). From Stiòzza, the hike proceeds on the road to the left, towards the N, which descends to Valtegnarich, from where it will be sufficient, in order to return to the starting point, to proceed along the few hundred meters already walked at the beginning of the itinerary.


  • From the location called Domadói (1,115 m asl), on the side of the main road SS347 towards Passo Cereda, follow the road of the Signpost No. 744 until reaching the crossroads of Valtegnarich [0h 15],
  • Proceed to the right along the road of the Signpost No. 730 towards Cenguei [0h 25],
  • From Zenguei / Cenguei (1,145 m asl), keep proceeding downhill until you reach the intersection with the “Val Uneda” gravel road, passing through the meadows of Pusòl [1h 00],
  • Ascend along the road “Pretecasa – Stadel” (Signpost No. 723) towards Ritasa / Malga Fossetta, until getting to the location Ritasa [1h 50],
  • From Ritasa (1,275 m asl), cross the meadows of Stiòzza (1,270 m asl), then descend along the road towards Valtegnarich, from where it will be sufficient to proceed to the starting point [2h 30]. ✓

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