Col dei Cistri Loop

Pieréni – Fósne – Col dei Cistri – Rónzi – Dàgnoli – Tàis

Canali Valley,Upper Primiero

gian • 28/09/2018


04:30 hrs
12.1 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1211 m
Max. elevation
1579 m
Elevation gain
512 m
Elevation loss
512 m
Car park
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This relatively not demanding hike, which develops between 1,200 and 1,500 meters of altitude on a particularly sunny slope of Primiero, is suitable for all seasons. The route passes through the majority of the pastures and meadows that cover the southern slope of Mount Cimerlo (2,504 m asl). Mount Cimerlo, located in the extreme S of the Pale di San Martino mountain group and silent guardian of the Valley of Primiero, is well known for its small and isolated Dolomite towers.

From the parking lot of Chalet Piereni (1,254 m asl), the path begins along the old road that goes up in the forest behind the complex, towards north. The old road shortly joins the main one leading. Once the main road is reached (Signpost No. 731), continue to the picturesque meadows of Prati Fósne, characteristic for the group of cottages built by a huge boulder located in the middle of the large basin. From Prati Fósne, continue along Signpost No. 731, which rapidly climbs above the pastures merging into a gravel road. The road crosses other meadows until reaching the pastures of Prato di Costa, just before getting to the gap of Forcella Col dei Cistri. The view of Mount Cimerlo seen from Prato di Costa, with the characteristic sparse ridge that watches over the slope where San Martino di Castrozza is located, is definitely worth a break.

Once you have crossed the gap of Forcella Col dei Cistri, continue downhill, always following the Signpost No. 731 towards Rónzi. Right after a short downhill, you will get to the pasture called Pra Sorìn, probably one of the most photographed places in the area. The route then continues, always along the same path, with a series of ups and downs in the forest on the south-western slopes of Mount Cimerlo, including the crossing of three suggestive gullies (Val Male, Val Fazane, Val dei Rónzi).

After about half an hour the trail reaches a crossroads, where you take the forest road downhill towards the pastures of Prati Rónzi.

From Prati Rónzi (1,370 m asl), follow the road heading S for a few hundred meters until the intersection with the path masked as Signpost No. 724, which leads to the location of Dàgnoli. Just before reaching the beautiful pastures of Dàgnoli (1,294 m asl), the path becomes a comfortable forest road, crossing the meadows in rapid succession along the coast in until reaching the location of Tais, known for its wide sight over the Valley of Primiero and to be the main take-off point for paragliding practitioners.

From Tais, the return follows the paved road towards the E that connects the locations of Piereni with the one of Petina, slightly downhill. The road will allow you to reach the flat grassy basin of Prati Piereni and consequently the starting point in approximately half an hour.


  • From the parking lot of Chalet Piereni (1,254 m asl), take the path behind the chalet towards N [0h 15],
  • At the crossroads with the road towards Prati Fósne, continue along Signpost No. 731 towards Fósne [0h 30],
  • From Fósne (1,370 m asl), continue along the Signpost No. 731 towards Forcella Col dei Cistri / San Martino di Castrozza [1h 15],
  • From the gap of Forcella Col dei Cistri (1,579 m asl), continue along the path of the Signpost No. 731, until reaching the crossroads with the gravel road towards Prati Rónzi [2h 15],
  • From Rónzi (1,370 m asl), follow the road heading S for a few hundred meters, then take the Signpost No. 724 towards Dàgnoli [3h 00],
  • From Dàgnoli, follow the road (Signpost No. 724) towards Piereni, until getting back to the starting point  [4h 30]. ✓

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