Around Masón

Transacqua - Masón - Boiòla - Bóia - Le Vale - Pralònghi

Upper Primiero

gian • 27/07/2023


03:00 hrs
6.7 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
720 m
Max. elevation
1120 m
Elevation gain
400 m
Elevation loss
400 m
Car park
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This beautiful walk, entirely on a paved road and suitable for everyone – yet with nontrivial gradients and climbing – traverses an environment of green meadows surrounded by dense forests grown on the western (particularly marshy) bank of the stream of Rich Maór, enhanced by the silence that typically surrounds the locations the walk touches. Given the elevation and easy access from the town, this walk is ideal during all seasons, while being aware of the possibility of the presence of ice on the road during the winter and early spring months. 

The loop this walk features is developing counterclockwise, because the ascent from the Bóia side has less pronounced slopes than that of the Longhi.

The walk starts directly from the center of Transacqua (although it is possible – if you wish to avoid a hundred meters of climb – to start from Masón, pulling your car over in one of the spaces available at the side of the roadway).

From Piazza Municipio (Transacqua), the walk initially heads S, along the flat street of Via Giuseppe Zecchini in the direction of Caltena, taking after 200 m the street of Via Caltene uphill, which it follows until the first crossroads, where the itinerary keeps to the right and continues to climb along Via Boiòla. After crossing the bridge over the Rich Maór, the climb steepens as it faces a ramp alongside the grassy hill named Col dei Navòi that leads to the farm of Masón (827 m asl).

From Masón, the road continues flatter, passing by the location of Costaza (905 m asl), then by a small shrine and an old kiln for the production of lime (“calchèra”), after which it reaches the next junction, which the route takes to the right – crossing a small bridge over the stream of Rio Val Roncógna – towards Bóia (street of Via Boiòla). Via Boiòla continues to climb rather nervously, first crossing the meadows of Canterèi and then plunging into the woods and facing a hairpin bend before reaching the beautiful meadows of Bóia (1,048 m asl), with the typical stone hut in the center.

From Bóia, the walk continues slightly uphill on the main road in the direction of Fedài, firstly along the contour and then overcoming a last ramp of about a hundred meters that leads to the junction with the road connecting Fedài to Le Vale (1,120 m asl). At the junction, the itinerary turns left, along the flat road cutting the forest, featuring wide views of the Pale di San Martino / Pala Group, the Pale Alte peaks and the meadows of Fedài and Gatolìn. Just before reaching the Agritur Le Vale, to avoid going down along the main road (rather busy during the tourist season), the walk turns left, 200 m before reaching the Agritur, onto a paved road that rapidly descends the long strip of meadows known as Pralòng / Pralònghi (location of Longhi / Longo). The road leads directly back to the junction near the “calchèra”, from where the walk retraces the first part of the loop and heads back to Transacqua.


  • From the village of Transacqua, follow the road towards Caltena, taking the street of Via Caltene uphill until you reach the first crossroads with Via Boiòla, which you follow until you reach the farm of Masón [0h 30],
  • From Masón (827 m asl), continue on the road until you reach the crossroads near the old furnace (“calchèra”), where you proceed to the right (Via Boiòla) until you reach the meadows of Bóia [1h 15],
  • From Bóia (1,048 m asl) continue slightly uphill on the main road heading towards Fedài until getting to the intersection with the road that connects Fedài to Le Vale; turn left and follow the road until the crossroads located 200 m before Agritur Le Vale [1h 45],
  • At the crossroads  (1,120 m asl), take the paved road to the left and descend along the meadows of Pralòng / Pralònghi, passing by the farm of Masón and hence returning to Transacqua [3h 00]. ✓

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