Falasórni Loop

San Giovanni – Falasórni

Lower Primiero

gian • 01/09/2019


01:30 hrs
4.4 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1153 m
Max. elevation
1318 m
Elevation gain
215 m
Elevation loss
215 m
Car park
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This simple and well-marked hike around the location of San Giovanni draws a loop that offers a splendid view of the nearby meadows of San Giovanni, located on the western side of the lake of Noana, and the impressive Dolomite range of Vette Feltrine.

The itinerary begins near the location of Póit (1,083 m asl), located where the road connecting the village of Mezzano with San Giovanni (called Copèra) flattens, at a crossroads that leads to the N to Rifugio Caltena and to the S to San Giovanni – Prati Liendri. Less than a hundred meters downstream from the main crossroads, take a gravel road on the rhs (Strada Forestale Fedai – Cadèrne) towards the E, from which the beautiful path of the Signpost 728A that leads to the top of Monte Cordognè starts. The path, equipped for tourist use with some interesting posters offering historical and cultural insights, goes up into the forest and reaches the crest of the mountain. Once on the top of Monte Cordognè (1,313 m asl), the route proceeds downhill, always following the path, which leads to the gap by the location of Falsórni, where the crucifix of Falasórni (1,249 m asl) is standing. From the crossroads on the gap, the itinerary proceeds descending along the asphalted road to the W, towards the location of San Giovanni ai Prati Liendri, with the beautiful view of Vette Feltrine on the rhs, towards S. The meadows can be reached after having covered a beautiful last stretch along the contour in the forest, following the path which branches off to the left from the paved road.

Once on the meadows of San Giovanni, with their characteristic church dedicated to San Giovanni Battista, follow the driveway (Signpost No. 728) which crosses all the meadows from W to E and which leads, by the location of Póit, back to the starting point.


  • A hundred meters downstream from the crossroads in the location of Póit (Mezzano San Giovanni road), take the gravel road on the right, towards E, then the path of the Signpost No. 728A on the left towards the top of Monte Cordognè [0h 25],
  • From the top of Monte Cordognè (1,313 m asl), proceed downhill, always following the path, to the location of Falsórni, where the crucifix of Falasórni stands [0h 50],
  • From the crucifix of Falasórni (1,249 m asl), proceed downhill along the road to the W, towards the meadows of San Giovanni ai Prati Liendri, along the last stretch in the forest, following the path that branches off to the left from the road [1h 20],
  • From the meadows of San Giovanni, follow the road of the Signpost No. 728 towards E until you return to Póit (1,183 m asl) [1h 30]. ✓