Walking at Le Vale

Le Vale – Fedài – Póit – Ìneri – Caltene

Upper Primiero

gian • 22/10/2019


01:30 hrs
4.7 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
Max. elevation
Elevation gain
165 m
Elevation loss
165 m
Car park
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A beautiful hike at mid-level altitude, suitable for everyone as not particularly demanding on a physical side. The walk crosses an environment of lush meadows and pastures, with views both on the mountain group of Pale di San Martino (Pala Group), seen from a rather uncommon viewpoint, and of the mountain range of Vette Feltrine.

The walk passes through places that are far from being popular, on the slope of Padella, on the SE of the village of Transacqua, allowing you to step into the beauty and the absolute silence of the characteristic places.

The route starts from Agritur Le Vale (1,125 m asl), located a few kilometers far from the village of Transacqua, in the green pastures of Sicona, along the paved road that cuts the coast heading W towards the location of San Giovanni (Mezzano). This initial stretch, totally flat, after an initial part that passes through the marshy terrain of the source of the stream of Rich Maór, allows you to appreciate the Dolomites of the Pale di San Martino on your right hand side. Before joining the road connecting Mezzano with the pastures of San Giovanni with their popular church, after about 15 minutes of walking from the start the route passes through the meadows of Fedài, characteristic for its wells.

Once you join the road to San Giovanni, walk up for a few hundred meters until reaching the location of Póit (1,183 m asl). From here, the route does not turn towards San Giovanni (on the right), but it keeps going up along the paved road towards Ìneri (Signpost No. 726), crossing other meadows with characteristic huts and cottages, opening the sight towards the mountain range of Vette Feltrine and the locations of Valpiana and Fònteghi on the opposite side of Val Noana. The rough asphalt road surface turns into gravel just before it reaches Ìneri.

From Ìneri, the route leaves the road; on the left, just before the path goes downhill into the forest and leading to the stream of Noàna, the walk takes a path that is hardly visible but almost obliged, which climbs entirely into the wood towards a small gap that, once crossed, will lead to the beautiful pastures of Caltene.

From Caltene, after walking for about ten minutes following the road that crosses the meadows and after taking the road to the left at the crossing with the gravel road “Strada Forestale Giasinozza” (Signpost No. 729), the route arrives at the shrine of Sant’Antonio (patron saint of Transacqua), where it continues downhill heading back towards Le Vale, along the main road leading to the restaurant of Rifugio Caltena, crossing the meadows of Sicona.


  • From Agritur Le Vale (1,125 m asl), follow the flat paved road cutting the slope towards San Giovanni, passing through the pastures of the location of Fedài [0h 15],
  • From Fedài, at the crossroads with the road starting from Mezzano and leading to San Giovanni, follow the road uphill towards San Giovanni, until reaching the location of Póit [0h 25],
  • From Póit (1,183 m asl), follow the paved road marked as Signpost No. 726 towards the location of Ìneri [0h 40],
  • From Ìneri, turn left and follow the small path uphill entering the forest and crossing a small gap until reaching the location of Caltene [0h 55],
  • From Caltene, walk down along the main road accessing the hut of Rifugio Caltena, heading back to the starting point, at Le Vale [1h 30]. ✓