Mezzano – San Giovanni Loop

Mezzano - Taiadói - Falasórni - San Giovanni - Copèra

Lower Primiero

aaron • 14/08/2020


03:30 hrs
10.8 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
635 m
Max. elevation
1249 m
Elevation gain
660 m
Elevation loss
660 m
Car park
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This trail is a great classic for the inhabitants of the Valley of Primiero, particularly for the ones living in Mezzano and Imèr. The hike includes the ascent from the little town of Mezzano to the meadows called San Giovanni ai Prati Liendri, and then back along the main access road to San Giovanni. This route, which given the low altitude on which it develops can be tackled in any season (carefully in the presence of ice), takes place almost entirely on the north-western slope of the Cordognè hill (1,313 m asl), crossing it only while approaching the meadows of San Giovanni.

The route begins in the Sports Center of the village of Mezzano. Once you have passed the Sports Center, cross the underpass and the bridge over the stream of Cismon, that leads you to the hamlet of Óltra. The route then proceeds for a few hundred meters along the flat paved road to the right, towards the south, leading to the crossroads with the path of the Signpost No. 728. Once you reach the junction, by the location of Melai, the climb begins to the left, towards the south, on the Signpost No 728 heading towards Tasé / Taiadói. The trail climbs into the forest in a fairly steep first stretch and, after passing a shrine, reaches the first meadows (Tasé), where there are several “tabiàdi” (typical buildings). Near the first buildings, at the height of a small farm with a large boulder alongside, the Signpost No. 728 (white and red signs) leaves the wider road climb, on the left in the forest, in a stretch along the ancient track with dry stone walls. After a couple of curves, the path returns to the paved road, just below the farms of Taiadói (1,000 m asl).

At the main crossroads in Taiadói, the route continues along the gravel road heading west to the first bend, which you pass by paying attention to the next path to the right. Here, the last uphill stretch of the itinerary, leading to the location of Falasórni, starts; after a steep initial stretch, the route follows the ridge and the slope above the forest of Tasè, arriving at the crucifix called Crocifisso dei Falasórni (1,249 m asl), the highest point of the itinerary. From the crucifix, the road continues with a short ups and downs stretch that heads towards the location of San Giovanni ai Prati Liendri, with a beautiful view of the mountain range of Vette Feltrine to the south – to the right -. The meadows of San Giovanni are reached by the trail after having covered a beautiful last stretch of the coast in the forest, following the path which, staying at the same altitude, branches off to the left from the main road.

Once on the meadows of San Giovanni, with their characteristic church, follow the main road (Signpost No. 728) crossing all the meadows from west to east and leading, near the location of Pòit, to the crossroads from which the descent begins.

The return descends by following the asphalt road towards Mezzano, with its various views of the characteristic meadows, farms and water pipes. After initially skirting the beautiful meadows of Fedai with the typical wells and shortly after skirting the biotope of Val de Castèl, the road “Copèra” reaches directly Óltra, from where you can easily walk back to Mezzano.


  • From the village of Mezzano (640 m asl), cross the stream of Cismón until getting to the hamlet of Óltra [0h 05],
  • From Óltra, proceed south along the paved road, then climb along the path of the Signpost No. 728 towards Tasé / Taiadói [0h 50],
  • From the location of Tasé, continue along the Signpost No. 728 towards the location of Taiadói (1,000 m asl), then proceed along the gravel road heading west up to the first hairpin bend, then continue on the Signpost No. 728 towards Falasórni [2h 00],
  • From the crucifix named Crocifisso dei Falasórni (1,249 m asl), proceed towards San Giovanni (Signpost No. 728) [2h 40],
  • From the meadows of San Giovanni (about 1,160 m asl), descend along the road “Copèra” until reaching Óltra, then return to Mezzano  [3h 30]. ✓


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