Tour of Pinédi

Navoi - Masón - Piné - Óltra - Madonna del Sass - Ósne

Lower Primiero,Upper Primiero

gian • 02/10/2018


02:30 hrs
7.2 km
A little
Min. elevation
652 m
Max. elevation
1017 m
Elevation gain
425 m
Elevation loss
425 m
Car park
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This mid-altitude route explores the forest on the hill of Piné (Pinédi), located between the southeastern part of the village of Transacqua and the northeastern part of Mezzano, between the locations of Navoi and Óltra

The tour described here starts from Navoi, near the Belvedere Enrica public gardens / “Parco benessere Navoi” (wellness park); however, since it is a loop near the towns, it is up to each person’s preference to decide the starting point. Given the uphill section that the itinerary presents in its first part, we do not recommend this route to those who do not feel too “fit”; however, consider that, once you reach the highest point of the route, the second part of the hike turns into a very pleasant walk in a wooded and wild environment, while remaining not too far from the villages.

From Belvedere gardens, the trail proceeds along Via Navoi towards the NE, in the direction of Transacqua. After passing by the Molinét (historic mill) on the Rich Maór watercourse, in a few hundred meters you reach the junction with Via Caltène, which you follow uphill in the direction of Le Vale / Rifugio Caltena. At the next junction, the route proceeds, still uphill, taking the road to the right (Via Boiòla), heading S, crossing the Rich Maór again and ascending to the Masón farm. Once past Masón (~850 m asl), the trail comes to the vicinity of the ruins of an old kiln (Calchera), immediately after which it leaves the paved road of Via Boiòla to turn right, toward W, onto a rough-bottomed driveway with a very first downhill section that seems to end shortly after to reach a private house; but just before reaching the hut, the route continues along a trail that climbs steeply up the silent forest of Piné, in a section that, depending on the season, can present itself as rather wet and therefore slippery. After this climb, the trail becomes easy and pleasant – with the exception of a passage of a few tens of meters that cuts through a gully – in what used to be a slope full of meadows, shortly reaching the highest point of the itinerary and offering, at the same time, several remarkable sights that allow one to see the High Primiero with the summits of the Pala Group (Pale di San Martino) in the background.

The trail then begins to gradually descend, presenting some steep but never dangerous sections, toward the hamlet of Óltra, in the Municipality of Mezzano. Just before arriving in Óltra, it will be possible to see to the left the change of vegetation at the edge of Val de Castel (biotope), at the bottom of which the last few meters are covered before arriving at the edge of the hamlet. 

From the very first houses of Óltra, the itinerary proceeds to the right along the beautiful trail “Madonna del Sass”, running parallel to the Mezzano Fiera di Primiero cycling path, towards Madonna del Sass / Ósne / Transacqua. After a pleasant stretch that skirts the meadows at the eastern end of Mezzano, the path plunges into the woods, where a series of ups and downs lead to the shrine of Madonna del Sass / Madonna dei Piai – rebuilt in 1837 for the grace received for the escaped danger of cholera -. From the shrine, the itinerary continues towards Ósne with its splendid pastures that offers an enviable view of the Pale di San Martino. Although in a state of decay and abandonment, at Ósne one can see the historic dovecote tower originating in the 1600s, as well as three old buildings for residential and agricultural use.

From Ósne (725 m asl), it is sufficient to proceed along the main path to return to the paved road of Via Navoi, just near the gardens of Enrica Belvedere, the starting point of this pleasant loop.

Tackling this route in the afternoon allows you to enjoy better exposure to the sun; additionally, in the presence of ice (given the Pinédi‘s poor exposure to the sun during the winter period), it is not recommended to approach this hike.


  • From the public garden of Belvedere Encirca, walk along Via Navoi towards Transacqua, then up along Via Caltène towards Le Vale / Rifugio Caltena and, at the next junction, along Via Boiòla [0h 35],
  • Once past the location of Masón (~850 m asl), near the ruins of an ancient “Calchera”, leave the paved road of Via Boiòla to turn right, toward W, onto a driveway and continue uphill along the path through the woods that crosses the coast toward Óltra [2h 00],
  • From the very first houses of the location of Óltra (Mezzano), proceed to the right along the trail “Madonna del Sass” towards Madonna del Sass / Ósne / Transacqua, passing through the meadows of Ósne (725 m asl) until getting to the road of Via Navoi, near the gardens of Belvedere Enrica [2h 30]. ✓