Sédole Loop

Malga Canali - Malga Pradidali - Pedemonte - Riccardo Simon - Forcella Sédole - Pian de le Léde

Canali Valley,Pala Group

gian • 15/08/2021

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06:00 hrs
12.0 km
Min. elevation
1293 m
Max. elevation
2307 m
Elevation gain
1370 m
Elevation loss
1370 m
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Although being relatively short, this mountaineering itinerary is extremely spectacular. The route passes through one of the less tourist areas of the Pala Group (Pale di San Martino): the gap of Forcella Sédole. In fact, to say that the aided track that from the Signpost No. 709 leads to the wide gully Valón de le Léde by cutting the southern walls of the peaks Cima Canali and Sasso delle Léde, drawing a logical line between two gullies is unique, is perhaps an understatement. The track, in addition to its technical beauties mainly due to the roughness and friability of the terrain, leads hikers to the discovery of a succession of unprecedented and stunning sights, on a natural ledge that overlooks the Valley of Canali and the whole Primiero Valley up to to the mountain range of Vette Feltrine.

It is recommended to tackle this route in a clockwise direction, as described here, in order to face the two more technical stretches of the path that leads to the gap of Forcella Sédole while ascending. Another tip is to choose a period of the year with low probability of meeting snow on the ground (e.g. late summer), because the start of the first gully runs on the bottom part of the slopes of Cima Canali, in a rather not sunny area.

The itinerary starts from Malga Canali (1,300 m asl), proceeding on a short stretch along the path that descends through the meadows of Prati Canali until reaching, by the meadow of Pra’ Òstio, a crossroads where you take the gravel road built after the Vaia storm of 2018 (“replacing” one of the most beautiful mid-altitude trail of the Valley of Canali) to face a comfortable stretch immersed in the forest towards Malga Pradidali

From the remains of Malga Pradidali (1,428 m asl), the route continues by crossing the small bridge over the stream and moving on towards Pedemonte / Rifugio Pradidali, taking the main access path to Rifugio Pradidali (Signpost No. 709) which, following the stream of Rio Pradidali on its left bank, leads to the crossroads by the location of Pedemonte / Portèla (1,627 m asl), laying between the edges of the forest and the rocky walls leading to the refuge. From Pedemonte you keep following the Signpost No. 709 towards Rifugio Pradidali, climbing in altitude until you reach about 2,000 meters above sea level, where the equipped path of Sédole “Sentiero Riccardo Simon” begins. 

The first part “Sentiero Riccardo Simon” of the path proceeds on a steep climb at the base of a gully that leads to a gap on the southern walls of Cima Canali. After passing the gap, the path continues along a beautiful stretch on a natural Dolomite ledge overlooking the nearby Val Pradidali (with the peaks of Cimerlo, Stanga, Madonna and Sass Maór) and the Valley of Canali, with the panorama that extends wide over the entire Primiero Valley and the distant range of Vette Feltrine. After crossing the ledge, the route proceeds for a last climb on a second gully – alike the first one, protected on both sides by natural walls – which leads directly to the gap of Forcella Sédole (2,298 m asl), between the peaks of Sasso delle Léde and Cima d’Òstio. From the gap, which is a small corner of paradise of Pale di San Martino, the wide basin named Valón de le Léde opens to the N, with its typically grassy ground and its beautiful peaks (among which those of Lastèi, Sédole, Léde and d’Òstio stand out), as well as the whole south-eastern sub-range of the Pala Group (running from Cima Feltraio to Croda Granda).

The way back from Forcella Sédole follows the numerous and barely visible tracks, crossing the wide Valón de le Léde to the N, that let you join the Signpost No. 711, slightly downhill and lower in altitude than the hut of Bivacco Minanzio. Once you arrive the path of the Signpost No. 711, follow it downhill towards Val Canali, reaching the bottom of the valley once arrived at the location called Pian de le Léde (1,407 m asl), from where you then proceed along the gravel road of the Signpost No. 707 towards Malga Canali, leading directly to the starting point.


  • From the hut of Malga Canali (1,300 m asl), proceed along the path towards Malga Pradidali, initially downhill and then along a gravel road [0h 45],
  • From the remains of Malga Pradidali (1,428 m asl), head to the junction with the Signpost No. 709, then continue along the Signpost No. 709 towards Rifugio Pradidali, until reaching the crossroads marking “Forcella delle Sedole – Sentiero Riccardo Simon” [1h 45],
  • Follow the path that goes up along two gullies until reaching the gap of Forcella delle Sédole [3h 45],
  • From Forcella delle Sédole (2,298 m asl), continue across the basin of Valón de le Léde (on the same direction leading to Bivacco Minanzio), until finding the intersection with the Signpost No. 711 [4h 15],
  • Descend along the Signpost No. 711 towards Malga Canali until you reach the location of Pian de le Léde [5h 30],
  • From Pian de le Léde (1,407 m asl), descend along the gravel road of the Signpost No. 707 until reaching Malga Canali [6h 00]. ✓

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