Vezzana Loop

Rifugio Rosetta - Passo Bettega - Passo del Travignolo - Cima Vezzana - Passo di Strùt - Bivacco Brunner - Faràngole

Pala Group,San Martino di Castrozza

chef • 27/07/2023


06:30 hrs
12.0 km
Min. elevation
2190 m
Max. elevation
3192 m
Elevation gain
1300 m
Elevation loss
1300 m
Car park
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Challenging but rewarding loop that reaches the highest summit of the Pala Group / Pale di San Martino: Cima della Vezzana (3,192 m). The itinerary features the rapid ascent to the summit, following the classic trail of the Signpost No. 716 from Rifugio Rosetta, and a fairly challenging return along the “Ferrata Gabitta d’Ignoti” and the path named “Sentiero delle Faràngole”.

The hike starts at the hut of Rifugio Rosetta “Giovanni Pedrotti” (2,581 m), conveniently connected by the Rosetta Cable Car directly from the village of San Martino di Castrozza. From the Rifugio, follow the trail of the Signpost No. 716 toward Passo Bettega / Bivacco Fiamme Gialle, which skirts the base of the peaks of Cima Corona and then climbs to the fork of Passo Bettega (2,667 m). 

After the fork, the trail loses altitude on the opposite slope, at first gradually and later overcoming some rock jumps where the use of hands is necessary. The trail then bypasses the eastern slope of the summit of Croda della Pala to reach the impluvium at the bottom of the Val dei Cantoni. From here, the route begins the ascent towards the gap of Passo del Travignolo, which follows the valley floor to the NW, in a section that is often covered by snow even during the summer season. After an initial flat section, the path climbs up a scree slope through steep switchbacks, reaching an important rock wall that is easily to overcome, partially thanks to the presence of a metal rope. Once past the rock wall, the Signpost No. 716 climbs a steep scree, formed by large boulders, until it reaches Passo del Travignolo (2,925 m), wedged between the summit of Cimon della Pala and the one of Cima della Vezzana. The trail of the Signpost No. 716 turns to the right, climbing to the saddle located between Cima della Vezzana and Il Nuvolo. From the saddle, the trail turns to the left and climbs on compact rock, reaching the top of Cima della Vezzana (3,192 m) in about a quarter of an hour. From the summit, the highest of the Pala Group, the view is simply priceless; the vantage point is privileged and the sight sweeps vast over the Pala Group and its plateau; yet, it gets lost on the numerous surrounding mountain groups: to the NW the peak overlooks the Rolle Pass and the Val Venegia located a thousand meters below, in the distance the Dolomites of the Val di Fiemme, the Catinaccio / Rosengarten and the Sassolungo can be observed, while to the N and NE the Marmolada and the Civetta group can be admired.

The descent from the summit begins by continuing along the path of the Signpost No. 716 towards Ferrata Gabitta d’Ignoti / Bivacco Brunner. Initially the track descends to the left along the side of the summit until it reaches a saddle, where the Via Ferrata “Gabitta d’Ignoti” begins, downhill. The Via Ferrata features two short equipped sections, divided one another by a connecting un-equipped section; the route is not difficult and is not particularly exposed, but it is still necessary to pay attention. With the first equipped section, the trail turns to the left, descending first on small rocks and then on a slab. In the connecting section, it ascends slightly until it reaches a small pass from where you can admire the valley of Strùt. Then, the path begins the second equipped section that descends vertically on jumps and small rocks. After finishing the Via Ferrata, the trail continues, passing just below the gap of Passo di Val di Strùt (2,870 m), then descending along the scree slopes of the Val di Strùt. The valley, at first wide and overlooked by the splendid mass of Cima dei Burelóni, gradually narrows, wedging between steep rock walls. In this section, which is relatively less traveled, the markers are faded and barely visible; the possible presence of snowfields even in late summer requires one to be careful in not losing the trail. As the route continues, you begin to catch a glimpse in the distance of the small Bivacco Giorgio Brunner (2,667 m), positioned at the base of a nearly vertical 200m wall. Past the bivouac, the valley widens again and the path of the Signpost No. 716 continues (still on screes), dropping gradually in altitude until getting by a grassy section, where the trail joins the main path of the Signpost No. 703 “Faràngole”, in a common section with the Alta Via delle Leggende (AV2). The itinerary then takes the Signpost No. 703 heading towards Rifugio Rosetta. The trail advances overhanging the valley of Comèlle, with the exposure on the vertical western walls of the valley gradually increasing. An equipped section then begins, where the track ascends and traverses along the slopes. At the end of the equipped section, the route becomes decidedly less demanding and descends slightly inside an impressive basin (Pian dei Cantoni – 2,300 m asl); the route then passes the crossroads with the trail of the Signpost No. 704 and keeps heading toward the hut of Rifugio Rosetta. Turning back, one can admire the Valle delle Comelle in its entirety. The final section of the trail climbs comfortably first over a small scree and then over rocky cliffs, shortly getting back to Rifugio Rosetta and closing the loop.


  • From the hut of Rifugio Rosetta (2,581 m), follow the trail of the Signpost No. 716 toward Passo Bettega / Bivacco Fiamme Gialle to Passo del Travignolo [2h 45]. 
  • From the gap of Passo del Travignolo (2,925 m), continue along the Signpost No. 716 toward Cima della Vezzana [3h 15],
  • From the summit of Cima della Vezzana (3,192 m), descend along the Signpost No. 716 towards Ferrata Gabitta d’Ignoti / Bivacco Brunner, passing the bivouac (2,667 m) until you reach the junction with the main path of the Signpost No. 703 “Faràngole” / AV2 [5h 15],
  • Follow the Signpost No. 703 “Faràngole” / AV2 heading towards Rifugio Rosetta [6h 30]. ✓


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