Lower Val Noana

Cappuccetto Rosso - Capitèl de la Pausa - Val Càora - Gavión

Lower Primiero

gian • 18/08/2022


02:00 hrs
5.1 km
A little
Min. elevation
636 m
Max. elevation
965 m
Elevation gain
360 m
Elevation loss
360 m
Car park
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This route is a relatively short loop tour around the bed of the Noana Stream, in the lower part of the Noana Valley. Despite the fact that the itinerary is just about 5 km long and can be approached by everyone, the tour should not be underestimated, considering that it covers an ascending elevation gain of about 350 m and follows paths with little if none sun exposure, which are therefore often wet and sometimes slippery. On the bed of the Noana Stream one can observe the characteristic “cadìni,” in a mountain environment that is still intact and fascinating.

The walk starts from the location of Cappuccetto Rosso / Calavìse (636 m asl), in the village of Imèr, climbing along the beautiful military mule track in the direction of Stoli di Morósna / Croce degli Alpini. The ascent on the driveway is steep but steady, and – past two hairpin bends – leads to the sightseeing by the shrine named Capitèl della Pausa, built in 1822 and rebuilt in 1913, dedicated to Maria Santissima di Caravaggio. From the shrine, the route continues on less steep slopes still following the mule track, which rises on the vertical walls overhanging the Noana Stream, visible at the bottom of the valley. After a more exposed section, protected however by parapets, you reach the crossroads at the Capitèl dei Nòni (965 m asl), a small votive shrine visible to the right of the road, where the route continues to the left, descending along the path of the Signpost No. 736 towards Val Càora / Imèr / Cappuccetto Rosso. The descent begins on a rather wide section of trail, which continues down the steep forest, with a few switchbacks and a passage over a wooden footbridge. The trail quickly leads to the bed of the Noana Stream, on a clearing beside the road SP 221 “Noana”, at the location of Val Càora (740 m asl). From the clearing, the route continues on the paved road SP 221, which it takes to the left, downhill, traveling for a few hundred meters down to the next bridge, by the location of Gavión, characteristic and popular for its beautiful clearing and the particular view of the waters of the stream.

Once crossed the bridge, the itinerary takes, on the right, the path that climbs toward Palestra di Roccia “Gavión”, which continues parallel to and slightly higher than the road on the valley floor. The path, which after the very first uphill section becomes flat, does not present any particular difficulty and continues N toward the entrance to the valley in the direction of Naól / Imèr, passing at the foot of crags frequented by climbers.

Once at the V-junction leading to the bridge of Pònt de le Còrde, the trail proceeds left toward the bridge, in a steep downhill section with steps that leads back to road of SP 221, at the level of the footbridge over the Noana Stream, where the route resumes the trail of the Signpost No. 736 in the direction of Imèr / Cappuccetto Rosso. After crossing the stream on the footbridge, a few hundred meters allow you to return to the starting point.


  • From Cappuccetto Rosso / Calavìse (636 m asl), in the village of Imèr, go up along the mule track towards Stoli di Morósna / Croce degli Alpini [0h 40],
  • Past the shrine named Capitèl della Pausa, continue on the road up to the next crossroads, by the shrine named Capitèl dei Nòni [0h 55],
  • From the crossroads (965 m asl), descend along the trail of the Signpost No. 736 toward Val Càora / Imèr / Cappuccetto Rosso to the clearing beside road SP 221 “Noana,” in the location of Val Càora [1h 15],
  • From the clearing (740 m asl), go down the paved road SP 221 to the next bridge (Gavión), then take the path on the right towards Palestra di Roccia “Gavión” and follow it until the fork to Pònt de le Còrde [1h 40],
  • Cross the bridge named Pònt de le Còrde over the Noana Stream and continue on the path of the Signpost No. 736 towards Imèr / Cappuccetto Rosso, until you reach the starting point [2h 00]. ✓