Camp – Bedolé

Camp - Sant'Antonio - Bedolé - Santa Romina

Lower Primiero

aaron • 22/11/2020


03:30 hrs
8.3 km
A little
Min. elevation
1265 m
Max. elevation
1792 m
Elevation gain
580 m
Elevation loss
580 m
Car park
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This interesting itinerary, with its unusual combination of naturalistic, landscape and historical beauty, starts from the meadows of Camp, climbing up the top of Monte Bedolé, along the path opened after the Vaia storm of 2018. The peak of Monte Bedolé, guarding the village of Pieve, is located in the middle of the long wooded ridge that separates the Valley of Lòzen from the one of Cismón. Although not particularly beautiful, highlighting a forest mantle compromised and semi-destroyed by the Vaia storm, Monte Bedolé offers (similarly to its step-brother Sasso Padella) a magnificent sight.

The route starts from the location of Camp, in the Municipality of Mezzano, which can also be reached by car by driving – for about 5 km – up the steep paved road that starts from the upper part of the village of Mezzano. From Camp (1,249 m asl), the itinerary begins by leaving the main road on the left, towards the north west following the directions for Sant’Antonio, taking the steep climb along the roughly paved road the Signpost No. 358 (called “Sentiero di Grùgola”).

Once you reach the location of Redàsega (1,420 m asl), near the homonymous peak (1,491 m asl), the route passes the crossroads with the Signpost No. 378 climbing from Imèr and, with a long bend, it continues towards Sant’Antonio, to the north-east.

Once passing by the shrine named Capitello di Sant’Antonio (1,512 m asl), located right on the southern ridge of Monte Bedolé, the route continues on the path along the ridge towards the summit, initially following the Signpost No. 379 and then the Signpost No 356. The path, well marked with the typical white and red CAI signs, climbs gently, crossing multiple times a gravel road built after 2018. Once you pass the third intersection with the gravel road, the track continues to follow the red signs on the left , facing an uphill stretch that crosses the beautiful so-called Buse di Santa Romina, taking you near a military observatory dating back to the Great War (1,750 m asl), which still offers a remarkable panorama. From the observatory, after a short descent, a sharp deviation to the left – very well marked – leads to the beginning of the last uphill stretch that allows you to reach the summit. This last stretch crosses beautiful natural plateaus immersed in the larch forest and placed on the slope of Monte Bedolé which looks towards the Valley of Lòzen. The trail finally arrives a few meters far from the top of Monte Bedolé (1,792 m asl), which can be easily climbed by following the very last meters of the path of the Signpost 351A. From the wooden cross, the view is amazing; it sweeps across the entire Primiero Valley, from Passo Rolle to the mountain range of Vette Feltrine.

From the summit, the return follows the path of the ascent, with a small varant at the intersection with the forest road, which you follow downhill. In one of the hairpin bends of the gravel road, at a large clearing on the left, it is possible to take a look at the ruins of the ancient church of Santa Romina, of which the shape of the perimeter and the wall base of the altar remain visible. The church, built by the villagers, had an uncertain life due to the distance from the villages; after the ceremonies were forbidden in 1782, it was abandoned in 1873, when the sacred furnishings were definitively transferred.

Continuing along the gravel road you will reach once again the path of the ascent, just above the location of Sant’Antonio. From here, the track returns to Camp, following the same route backwards.


  • From the meadows of Camp (1,249 m asl), go up along the Signpost No. 358 “Sentiero di Grùgola” north-west towards Sant’Antonio, passing by Redàsega (1,420 m asl) [0h 25],
  • From the shrine named Capitello di Sant’Antonio (1,512 m asl), proceed on the path along the ridge, initially following the Signpost No. 379 and then the Signpost No. 356,
  • From the military observatory (1,750 m asl), after a short descent, turn left and go up to the summit [1h 50],
  • From the top of Monte Bedolé (1,792 m asl), head back by following the same trail, with a variant starting at the intersection with the gravel road, which you follow downhill passing by the ruins of the ancient church of Santa Romina [2h 15],
  • Continue along the gravel road, meeting the route followed during the ascent just above Sant’Antonio, then descend to Camp [3h 30]. ✓