Regàde from Cereda

Passo Cereda - Forcella d'Oltro - Malga Cavallera - Domadóri

Agordino,Cereda Pass,Pala Group

aaron • 01/06/2020


06:00 hrs
15.0 km
A little
Min. elevation
1266 m
Max. elevation
2152 m
Elevation gain
1200 m
Elevation loss
1200 m
Car park
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This trail takes place entirely in the wild and rather unpopular environment of the sunny south-eastern slopes of the eastern range of the Pala Group (which goes from the summit of Monte Feltraio to the one of Monte Agnèr). The itinerary, which in two successive moments shortly raises above 2,000 meters of altitude, is characterized by the particular atmosphere that this corner of Pale di San Martino offers, with sweeping views of bleak grassy slopes and Dolomite peaks.

Starting from Passo Cereda (1,369 m asl), the route climbs up along the paved road (Signpost No. 718) between the building “Colonia Feltrina” and the one of “Rifugio Passo Cereda”, heading north through the meadows near the hut of Maso Brunet, in the shade of the small hill called Col Molinai. After passing the hill and always following the signs of the Signpost No. 718 “Sentiero Attrezzato delle Regàde”, the itinerary leaves the paved road and bends left into the forest. The climb along the Signpost No. 718, characterized by numerous hairpin bends and suggestive sights, reaches the crossroads located under the mountain gap of Passo Regàde (2,046 m asl).

At the crossroads, the track proceeds to the right towards the northeast, along the Alta Via delle Dolomiti No. 2, always keeping the Signpost No. 718. This section of the itinerary rises progressively on the steep slopes of the mountain range, passing – in succession – close to the peaks Feltraio (2,295 m asl), Le Rocchette (2,309 m asl) and d’Oltro (2,396 m asl), finally reaching the highest part of the gully that climbs to the gap of Forcella d’Oltro (2,094 m asl).

Before continuing towards the hut of Malga Cavallera, with a small variant of about 10 minutes, you can reach the gap from which you can enjoy an amazing view over the Val Canali and the south-eastern Pale di San Martino, where an isolated and impressive peak of Cima Canali stands out. From the crossroads located right below Forcella d’Oltro, at an altitude of 1,960 m asl, the itinerary continues along the – not very visible – tracks, marked by a sign on the rocky wall and by some indications on stones, heading north east towards Malga Cavallera.

The path that leads to the hut of Malga Cavallera crosses an environment of great beauty, outside the most popular paths and is classified as a nature reserve. The path alternates between sections where it is very evident to others where it is barely visible: it is therefore important to look up to identify the white and red signs that identify it. After crossing a couple of gullies and a short and exposed stretch on the rocks, the track reaches the grassy slope overlooking the hut. From here the path becomes visible again and, proceeding for a final downhill stretch through the pastures, arrives at Malga Cavallera, located at 1,679 meters of altitude in the Municipality of Gosaldo (BL).

From Malga Cavallera the route continues lowering in altitude along the Signpost No. 720, first crossing the pastures below the hut, then crossing the forest until it reaches the locations of Prà di Forca and Domadóre. Once in Domadóre, you need to follow the signs for Mis / Passo Cereda, then turn right at Fontane Negre and right again as soon as you pass the Costa del Zóc, where you reach a gravel road that climbs towards Santa Rita. The gravel road climbs for about a hundred meters shift, where it becomes a path that proceeds until it reaches the location of Santa Rita. From here the route rejoins the Col Molinai road, crossed at the very beginning of the itinerary, which leads back to Passo Cereda.


  • From Passo Cereda (1,369 m asl), follow the Signpost No. 718 until reaching the crossroads after leaving the small hill of Col Molinai behind [0h 20],
  • Ascend along the Signpost No. 718 “Sentiero Attrezzato delle Regàde”, up to the crossroads placed under the mountain gap of Passo Regàde (2,046 m asl) [2h 00],
  • At the crossroads, continue along the Signpost No. 718 “Alta Via delle Dolomiti No. 2”, leading to the top of the gully that climbs to the gap of Forcella d’Oltro [2h 30],
  • [VARIANT] Go up to Forcella d’Oltro (2,094 m asl) [3h 00],
  • From the crossroads located under the gap of Forcella d’Oltro (1,960 m asl), continue along the path towards Malga Cavallera [3h 45],
  • From the hut of Malga Cavallera (1,679 m asl), descend along the Signpost No. 720, until you reach the locations of Prà di Forca and Domadóre [4h 15],
  • From the meadows of Domadóre, follow the signs for Mis / Passo Cereda [6h 00]. ✓