Ferrata Val di Scala

Lago - Ferrata Val di Scala

Lower Vanoi

birba • 30/09/2019


01:00 hrs
1.0 km
A lot
Min. elevation
760 m
Max. elevation
980 m
Elevation gain
220 m
Elevation loss
220 m
Car park
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This itinerary is ideal for those who want to approach and get familiar with the more famous Via Ferrata routes of the Alps. The route requires low to modest technical skills, while offering stretches with a rather high exposure for its length. The landscape is beautiful, quiet and out of the usual tourist tracks.

The starting point of the loop is along the paved road that connects Canal San Bovo and Caoria (SP56); dedicated parking and starting point of the Via Ferrata is just beside the road, by the location of Lago. The route can be completed in about 1 hour: 45 minutes of Ferrata climb and 15 minutes for the way back along the easy path through the forest (700 m), leading directly to the starting point.

The first meters of the itinerary are impressively vertical and lead to a rocky plaque equipped with metal ladders, which culminates with a discreetly exposed roof that is overcome with the help of fixed ropes placed on both sides. Once you have passed this first stretch, you will reach a beautiful 15 meters long suspended bridge, very stable and stenographic. After crossing the bridge, the path continues going up within the forest, without any particular difficulty and developing aside of the stream, that in this section takes a few leaps creating some suggestive stagnation of water. The route goes up the slope without fixed ropes, to reach a wooden walkway that crosses the stream. Afterwards, the path rises further along the valley until reaching the most exposed and spectacular part of the itinerary on a vertical plaque of about thirty meters that goes up with a series of metal ladders, touching the waterfall that descends on its left side. Once past the vertical rocky plaque, the route ends with some simple equipped sections.

The return along the forest is short and well marked.

As previously mentioned, this itinerary is strongly recommended to those who want to approach the world of equipped trails (EEA). We recommend to face it with Via Ferrata‘s standard full equipment.


  • From the turn on the asphalt road SP56 connecting Canal San Bovo with Caoria (location Lago), follow the signs pointing at Ferrata didattica “Val di Scala” [1h 00]. ✓


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