Forks at Treviso

Rifugio Canali "Treviso" - Forcella delle Mughe - Forcella delle Tre Marie Caroline - Sforcelloni - Forcella del Caldrolón - Forcella d'Óltro

Canali Valley,Mis Valley,Pala Group

gian • 12/08/2023


03:45 hrs
6.2 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1630 m
Max. elevation
2350 m
Elevation gain
1000 m
Elevation loss
1000 m
Car park
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The most correct term for this short but intense hiking route, suitable for experienced hikers capable of tackling even short – non-overhanging – passages of easy climbing, is “wild”. Initially described by Samuele Scalet, this beautiful itinerary above Rifugio Canali “Treviso” leads to the discovery of the small mountain chain called Sforcelloni, creating a logical, walkable line that crosses four forks in rapid succession (Mughe, Tre Marie Caroline, Caldrolón, Óltro), pleasantly alternating spectacular windows on the Valley of Canali and Valley of Mis.

It will be difficult to meet anyone along this fascinating route, except during the return, which shares a common section with the popular trail “Alta Via delle Dolomiti No. 2”; this part of the Pale di San Martino, full of small peaks and surrounded by the Dresda Tower and the Bortolo Zagonel Tower, is a decidedly little-visited corner, despite its beauty. For safety reasons, it is advisable to carry a helmet, a safety rope and crampons for the steep grassy sections; it is also recommended (as well as reading the description!) to equip yourself with a GPS device, since topographic maps often fail in highlighting the degree of contour detail required to ascend to the fork of Forcella delle Tre Marie Caroline (second one on the itinerary).

The route starts from the hut of Rifugio Canali “Treviso” (1,630 m asl), which can be reached in a little more than half an hour’s walk at a good pace from Malga Canali (car park). The first part of the itinerary immediately climbs steeply along the trail of the Signpost No. 720 toward Forcella delle Mughe (also called Forcella d’Ortiga or Forcella delle Grave) / Bivacco Menegazzi, ascending among large roots the forest of Valón de le Mughe, which, as it rises in altitude, gives way to dense mughoes. The Signpost No. 720 continues by climbing up until getting to the gully and, with a few passes over easy rocks, finally reaches the spectacular gap of Forcella delle Mughe (2,244 m asl).

Beyond the gap, the itinerary continues along the Signpost No. 720, in a section where the track descends a little uncertain down the friable gully toward Bivacco Menegazzi; it is important not to lose too much altitude; as soon as the ground on the side of the trail begins to be greener, at the point where the trail turns left at the base of a 4-5 m grassy nose (~2,100 m asl), the route leaves the main trail and immediately climbs the steep green slope. A few minutes uphill and the line leading to the Forcella delle Tre Marie Caroline, enclosed between the rock block on the right (Pala della Madonna, 2,524 m asl) and several pinnacles on the left (Cima Sforcelloni, 2,450 m asl), will appear logical. Keeping to the right, N side of the inlet, where the terrain is less friable, a couple of elementary steps on rocks lead directly to the fork (2,350 m asl), where two cairns are visible.

After crossing the fork, the highest point of the loop with an exceptional view to the N of Croda Granda, the route continues down on the bottom of the gully, which gradually opens toward the bottom of Caldrolón (larger gully). After a very short initial section on small rocks that allows you to descend from the fork, the depression continues flat, leading to a first drop (10-15 m), at the side of which – near the rocks on the left – there is another cairn, indicating the best way to approach the rock drop downhill. A few tens of meters ahead and the track faces a second jump (5-10 m, easier descent from center-left). Having passed what is perhaps the most technical section of the hike, the route follows the tracks high over the Caldrolón gully and reaches, after a very short ascent, the fork named Forcella del Caldrolón. From the gully of Caldrolón it is possible, if necessary, to shorten the loop by following the convenient trail that descends the small valley and rejoins the main Signpost No. 718 “delle Regàde” further down.

From Forcella del Caldrolón (2,214 m asl), the route proceeds down the opposite slope, along the track of the path (red marks) somewhat landslide but not exposed, dominated by the elegant tower of Punta del Caldrolón, at the end of which it traverses to the right until it takes the main and wide trail of the Signpost No. 718 “delle Regàde” (AV2), which climbs to the Forcella d’Óltro (2,094 m asl) and continues, first downhill to the crossroads located at Campìgol dell’Óltro (1,700 m asl), then for a short up and down stretch through the forest, heading back directly to Rifugio Canali “Treviso”.


  • From the hut of Rifugio Canali “Treviso” (1,630 m asl), ascend along the trail of the Signpost No. 720 toward Forcella delle Mughe / Bivacco Menegazzi [0h 50], 
  • From the gap of Forcella delle Mughe (2,244 m asl), continue downhill following the Signpost No. 720 to until approximately ~2,100 m of altitude, then exit the main trail and climb the steep grassy slope to Forcella delle Tre Marie Caroline [1h 40],
  • From the fork of Forcella delle Tre Marie Caroline (2,350 m asl), descend to the head of the gully of Caldrolón, then follow the trail to the left to Forcella del Caldrolón [2h 15],
  • From the gap of Forcella del Caldrolón (2,214 m asl), proceed down the opposite slope until you take the main Signpost No. 718 “delle Regàde” (AV2), climb to Forcella d’Óltro (2,094 m asl) and continue, heading back to Rifugio Canali “Treviso” [3h 45]. ✓


  • Scalet, S. (2013). Camminare. Sentieri nelle valli di Primiero, San Martino, Pale di San Martino, Rolle e Vanoi. Versante Sud.