Through the Colmèi of Rónco

Rónco Chiesa - Rónco Busini - Fosse - Pugnai - Gasperoi

Lower Vanoi

hz • 09/07/2022


01:30 hrs
5.0 km
A little
Min. elevation
710 m
Max. elevation
910 m
Elevation gain
200 m
Elevation loss
200 m
Car park
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This hike, conceived by the Pro Loco of Ronco and also known as the “Giro dei Colmèi di Ronco” / “Intorno par i Colmèi de Rónc”, is ideal for those who would like to take a walk to discover the many hamlets (colmèi) shaping up the location of Rónco. The colmèi, small groups of houses of a rural nature that were built with the development of Rónco, are connected by paths and mule tracks. Each hamlet (colmèl) is named after the original family that resided there (Gasparói, PIerói, …) or after special features (Busini, Fosse, Chiesa) and has its own small independence, with the constant presence of at least one fountain and a shrine. 

In a not too well known and rather quiet corner of the Valley of Vanoi, off the main tourist routes, this loop passes through the hamlets that can be observed while ascending along the main road SP79 connecting Canal San Bovo with the Brocón Pass.

The route starts from the hamlet of Rónco Chiesa / Colmèl della Chiesa. Near the Church of the Nativity of Mary – an 18th-century building that gives its name to the hamlet – you can spot the iron signs “Intorno par i Colmèi de Rónc” that allow you to easily start walking. The trail begins uphill and, leaving Rónco Chiesa behind, crosses the main road until it reaches the hamlet of Nicolodi, from where it is possible to enjoy a nice view of the eastern slope of the Valley of Vanoi, in particular of the villages of Canàl San Bòvo, Zortèa and Práde.

The itinerary continues following the path that plunges into the forest and safely traverses a slope, slightly exposed, and then climbs towards the hamlet of Rónco Busini, which has wide pastures connected by some characteristic huts.

From Rónco Busini (highest point of the route) the walk enters the forest again and continues along a paved path that descends and passes first the hamlet of Bortolini, then that of Gàsperi, and finally reaches that of Fòsse, on the main road. 

From Fòsse, the route continues under (E side) the main road and, after passing near an old kiln, arrives at the hamlet of Pugnai, from where it proceeds through the woods on a comfortable flat road until it gets to the last “colmèl”: Gasperói

From Gasperói the itinerary approaches Rónco Chiesa by following the paved road that slightly downhill leads directly in front of the Church of the Nativity of Mary. Along this last stretch of the walk, it is possible to catch a glimpse of the nearby hamlet of Rónco Cainari (the only colmèl that does not belong to the municipality of Canal San Bovo but to that of Castel Tesino), right across the valley “Valle delle Partite” (tr. valley of the games), which can be visited with its mills on the steam named Rio Valle dello Spiaz.


  • From Ronco Chiesa, follow the “Giro dei Colmèi” signs, passing in order through the hamlets (colmèi) of Nicolodi, Busini, Bortolini, Gàsperi, Fòsse, Pugnai and Gasperói [1h 30]. ✓