Walking at Fiera

Fiera di Primiero - Colaór - Pieve

Upper Primiero

gian • 10/03/2019


01:00 hrs
2.5 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
712 m
Max. elevation
790 m
Elevation gain
90 m
Elevation loss
90 m
Car park
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There is definitely something magical while walking through this village that lies in the middle of the Primiero Valley, at the confluence of the Canali and Cismón torrents. Fiera di Primiero is extraordinarily small in territorial extent, but extremely picturesque. The walk proposed here aims to touch on all the major places of interest in the village, with a short and relaxing loop, which offers some striking glimpses of the village, its history and architecture.

The walk is constantly accompanied by views to the N of the summits of the Pala Group, to the S of the Vette Feltrine mountain range, to the E of the Pale Alte, and to the W of the wooded slopes of Monte Bedolé. Other than the sight, it is recommended to do this walk, while taking a look at the details, letting the landscape express itself at its best once arrived at the most scenic point, on the summit of Colaór, a small grassy hill located on the side of Pieve. This route is suitable for everyone, however the ramp leading up to the Colaór (which can be skipped) is not exactly trivial, but it adds a little bit of “extra” flavor to the walk.

The walk begins near the parking lot at the side of the bridge crossing the Cismón Torrent, by the location of Vallombrosa, at the northern end of Fiera di Primiero. The initial part runs slightly downhill along the cobblestones of Via San Francesco, reaching the main square of Piazza Cesare Battisti. From the square, the walk continues toward Pieve, the oldest part of Fiera, along the village’s main pedestrian street (Via Terrabugio). When you reach the beginning of Via Terrabugio, on the small square next to the historic Palazzo Welsperg (now home to stores and offices), continue up the “rivetta” (Rivetta Enrico Koch), in cobblestones, that leads directly into the heart of Pieve, where you can admire the old Palazzo delle Miniere / Palazzo del Dazio, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, the Hotel Orsingher and the Casa di Luigi Negrelli (home of the famous engineer internationally known for having designed the Suez Canal).

From the center of Pieve, the route continues initially in the more modern part of the village, along Viale Guglielmo Marconi until the crossroads near the San Giuseppe hospice, where it turns to the right and continues slightly uphill along Via San Rocco, which re-enters the older part of Pieve. After passing by the building of Casa Piazza (to the right), the route leads back in front of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, near the small Church of San Martino and the Antica Canonica (to the left). From here the route proposes a variant, which goes up – on the left – the paved Via Colaór and reaches the scenic Cappella del Colaór, approaching the ascent on the path with metal stairs – which is taken by continuing straight at the curve of Via Colaór – descending along the asphalt road. For those who do not feel up to walking all the way to the Chapel, it is still advisable to climb up Via Colaór to descend along the characteristic cobblestone staircase to the N of Palazzo delle Miniere, which you take on the right.

Back on the “rivetta”, the route then returns to the starting point by walking along Via Terrabugio, then Via Garibaldi and finally Via Monte Grappa, crossing the center of Fiera di Primiero once again.


  • From the location of Vallombrosa, N of the village of Fiera di Primiero, go slightly downhill along Via San Francesco to the main square named Piazza Cesare Battisti [0h 05],
  • From Piazza Cesare Battisti, continue along Via Terrabugio and up the “rivetta” to the Church of Santa Maria Assunta [0h 10],
  • From the church, go down Viale Guglielmo Marconi to the intersection near the San Giuseppe hospice, then continue slightly uphill along Via San Rocco to the Church of Santa Maria Assunta [0h 25],
  • From the church, go up the paved Via Colaór on the left and reach the Cappella del Colaór from the path with metal stairs that you take, by maintaining the direction of the paved road [0h 40],
  • From Cappella del Colaór, descend to the paved road of Via Colaór and then to the stairway N of the Palazzo delle Miniere [0h 50],
  • Descend along the “rivetta” and return to the starting point along Via Terrabugio, Via Garibaldi and Via Monte Grappa [1h 00]. ✓