Tour of the Towns

Transacqua - Navòi - Pieve - Nolésca - Siror - Tonadico - Ormanico

Upper Primiero

hz • 29/04/2020


03:00 hrs
11.2 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
703 m
Max. elevation
962 m
Elevation gain
470 m
Elevation loss
470 m
Car park
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This interesting walk allows you to reach all the major points of interest of the villages of Fiera di Primiero, Transacqua, Ormanìco, Nolésca and Sirór, crossing the different environments featured by the bottom of the Primiero Valley. This simple itinerary also passes near various panoramic points, allowing you to admire the suggestive basin of the valley, capturing its details at the same time.

The proposed starting point for this loop ( where it is clearly possible to start from any point) is located at the building in the village of Transacqua named Lisièra. It is also possible to follow the route either clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on your preference.

The trail begins along the street of Via Navoi, towards the southernmost part of the village of Transacqua; after crossing the bridge near the old mill (called Molinét) followed by a short ramp, the landscape begins to open gradually, leaving space to sunny meadows that allow you to enjoy a beautiful view over the mountain range Vette Feltrine, standing right in front of you. After passing the location of Mondín / Navolón, the itinerary continues slightly downhill along the main paved road, which leads to the bridge over the Cismón torrent.

After crossing the bridge, the walk continues towards Pieve, the historic part of Fiera di Primiero located at the foot of Mount Bedolé, by initially crossing the sports area and then along the street of Via dello Sport; after crossing the main road SS50, Via dello Sport takes you to a ramp of stairs leading directly in front of the main church dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, an impressive Gothic church of the fifteenth century. From the N side of the building, where the ancient church of San Martino is located, the itinerary proceeds with an uphill stretch along the cobbled driveway that leads to the hill of Colaór, easily recognizable thanks to the small chapel built on top of it. Definitely, the summit of Colaór deserves a stop to admire the view of the nearby Pieve and a big portion of the Primiero Valley from above.

Continuing the climb – always along the paved road – you will arrive in just under 30 minutes at the crossroads in the location of Tassoni (906 m asl), from where the route proceeds to the right towards the N in the location of Guastaie, along a pleasant panoramic stretch of about 2 km. Once at the intersection with the path of the Signpost No. 355, the hike leaves the paved road to proceed along the path that descends into the forest towards Nolésca, in a stretch where it is difficult to take your eyes off the beautiful sight of the peaks of the Pala Group.

Once in the hamlet of Nolésca, you cross the main bridge that leads directly to the village of Sirór, a pretty historic town of Primiero, which you cross from W to SE along the main road leading to the borders of the countryside that separates the center of Sirór from the southernmost one of Tonadico. Following the flat road that crosses the countryside in a typically agricultural environment, you soon reach the center of Tonadìco, another pretty historic village of the valley. From Tonadìco, the walk proceeds towards the S, descending along the historic cobbled road called “Rivetta” (street of Via Scopoli), still the main access road to the village, which leads directly to the banks of the Canali torrent.

After crossing the bridge over the Canali torrent, the walk continues along the street of Via Fól for a few hundred meters, until reaching a main crossroads; from here, the hike turns on the left, going up towards the hamlet of Ormanìco (“Romanich”). After a hundred meters of uphill, the route turns once again to the left, following the signs for “Ristorante al Prà”. The climb proceeds across the location of Cava, crossing meadows and joining the historic mule track of “Trói de le Càore”, which you follow until you reach the location of Segnarèz, overlooking the villages of Transacqua and Ormanìco. Continuing along the mule track of “Trói de le Càore”, once used for the transit of goats and sheep, after passing near the historic Villa Càneva, you reach the crossroads with the road connecting Transacqua allows with the location Caltèna. From the crossroads, where a shrine dedicated to Santa Barbara – protector of miners – recalls the mining past of the area, the itinerary heads back to the building of Lisièra by descending towards the town along Via Caltène.


  • From the building named Lisièra, in the village of Transacqua, walk along Via Navoi passing by the location of Mondín / Navolón, until you reach the bridge over the Cismón torrent [0h 20],
  • After crossing the bridge, head towards the village of Pieve, initially crossing the sports area and then reaching the main Church dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta [0h 30],
  • From the N side of the main Church, go up along the paved driveway that leads to the hill of Colaór; continue to climb until getting at crossroads in the location of Tassoni (906 m asl) [1h 00],
  • From the crossroads of Tassoni (906 m asl), proceed right towards N in the location of Guastaie for about 2 km, until getting to the intersection with the path of the Signpost No. 355 [1h 20],
  • Descend along the Signpost No. 355 towards Nolésca, until you reach the hamlet of Nolésca, then head to the village of Sirór [1h 40],
  • After crossing Sirór from W to SE, take the road that crosses the countryside and leads to the center of the village of Tonadìco [1h 55],
  • After crossing Tonadico going down Via Scopoli, cross the bridge over the Canali torrent and continue along Via Fól until you reach the junction with the road leading to Ormanico [2h 05],
  • Go up towards Ormanico, then turn left following the signs towards “Ristorante al Prà”, then “Trói de le Càore” [2h 15],
  • Follow entirely the trail named “Trói de le Càore”, until getting to the crossroads with the shrine dedicated to Santa Barbara [2h 45],
  • From the crossroads, descend towards Transacqua along Via Caltène, heading back to the building of Lisièra [3h 00]. ✓