Tour of Pale Alte

Rifugio Caltena - Ritasa - Malga Fossetta - Passo Palughét - Val Giasinòzza

Pale Alte Chain,Upper Primiero

gian • 25/07/2020


06:30 hrs
18.5 km
A little
Min. elevation
1186 m
Max. elevation
1878 m
Elevation gain
1000 m
Elevation loss
1000 m
Car park
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Developing mainly in a mid-altitude forest environment, this hike draws a loop around the massif of Pale Alte, undoubtedly one of the most underrated mountain groups of the Primiero’s area – probably due to its rather sloppy appearance when compared to the neighbors -. The massif, whose best known peak is certainly Sasso Padèla – or Cimón di Fradusta – (1,748 m asl), acts as a watershed between the valleys of Primiero and Giasinòzza.

For the ease to get there and convenience of the location, the starting point of the itinerary is located by the hut of Rifugio Caltèna, on the southern slopes of Col Guión, on the far corner of the Pale Alte massif.

From Rifugio Caltèna (1,265 m asl) the route starts northwards, along the Signpost No. 744 which, after skirting the hut’ pasture depression and entering into the fir forest, gets to the small gap – and crossroads – called Sforzelìn de la Chegantàia (1,295 m asl). From here the route continues along the many ups and downs of the path of the Signpost No. 743 towards Scòfa / Ritása. After an initial downhill stretch, the Signpost No. 743 reaches the basin of Giazzai, from where it begins to climb along the rocky slopes of Sasso Padèla to reach the location of Scòfa (1,350 m asl). Once passed Scòfa, the track descends, continuing for a short distance along a gravel road that leads to the location of Ritàsa (1,275 m asl), located right above Val Unéda, in the forest belonging to the village of Ormanico. From Ritàsa the route continues by taking the Signpost No. 723, which crosses a series of impressive meadows and mid-altitude bàite (tr. huts) that open up interesting sights of the Pale di San Martino and the entire Canali Valley from rather unusual angles. After passing the beautiful meadows of Stiòzze, located at the foot of the mounts of Cenguéi and Stiòzze, the route gradually rises with a couple of hairpin bends on a gravel road until getting to the location of Pian del Canalìn (1,380 m asl). From here the track climbs into the forest and enters another gravel road that goes around the south of the mount of Col Spiz, then continuing flat to the pastures belonging to the hut of Malga Fossetta (1,554 m asl).

After crossing the Fossetta’s pasture basin along the wide hairpin bend that precedes the arrival at the hut, once reached the crossroads with the Signpost No. 729 “Nico Scalet”, the itinerary faces a last short but intense climb approaching the pass called Passo del Palughét (1,860 m asl), also used as a variant of the famous route called “Alta Via delle Dolomiti No. 2”. Immersed in a carpet of mountain pines, Passo del Palughét is a wide marshy saddle that connects the mountain block called Pale del Garòfol with the one of Pale del Palughét. Passo del Palughet is a rather unpopular place for hikers, overlooking the peak of Piz di Sagrón, which offers an all-round view of the Pale di San Martino, the valley of Mis and the imposing Dolomite blocks of Piz di Sagrón and Sass de Mura.

From Passo del Palughét, the itinerary proceeds downhill still along the Signpost No. 729 until it reaches the gravel road that runs through the bottom of the valley named Val Giasinòzza, from where the long but rather pleasant way back begins – all on the road proceeding flat – which leads directly to Rifugio Caltena, passing in succession through the hut of Baita Cogolàte (1,321 m asl) and the beautiful meadows and farms of the valley, which constantly offers a magnificent window towards the south on the Vette Feltrine mountain chain.


  • From the hut of Rifugio Caltèna (1,265 m asl), take the Signpost No. 744, then Signpost No. 743 towards Scòfa / Ritása [1h 30],
  • From the location of Ritása (1,275 m asl), proceed along the Signpost No. 723 towards Malga Fossetta, passing through the meadows of Stiòzze and Col Spiz [3h 00],
  • From the pastures of the hut of Malga Fossetta (1,554 m asl), take the Signpost No. 729 “Nico Scalet” towards Passo del Palughét [3h 45],
  • From the mountain gap of Palughét (1,860 m asl), descend along the Signpost No. 729 until reaching the hut of Baita Cogolate [4h 45],
  • From Baita Cogolate (1,321 m above sea level), proceed along the gravel road of Val Giasinòzza (Signpost No. 729) until getting back to the starting point, by Rifugio Caltèna [6h 30]. ✓