Hike of the Val de Riva bridge

Póit - Ìneri - Col - RIfugio Fonteghi - Valpiana di Sotto - Valpiana di Sopra

Alto Primiero,Basso Primiero,Lower Primiero,Upper Primiero

hz • 27/07/2019


04:15 hrs
11.8 km
A little
Min. elevation
1188 m
Max. elevation
1248 m
Elevation gain
500 m
Elevation loss
500 m
Car park
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This rather comfortable and satisfying hike explores the picturesque meadows on both slopes of the highest part of Val Noana, crossing the Noana stream on two occasions on the beautiful Tibetan bridge of Val de Riva. The route starts from the location of San Giovanni, where you can park your vehicle at the crossroads of Póit.

From the crossroads of Póit (1,185 m asl), proceed to the left, towards the S, in a short uphill stretch on an paved road that leads to the meadows of Ìner, where the view – which will be kept throughout the entire itinerary – opens wide onto the mountain range of Vette Feltrine. At the end of the asphalted road, the route continues along the gravel road – then path – of Signpost No. 726. After a couple of hairpin bends immersed in a dense forest of larch and beech trees, the descent reaches the Tibetan bridge; about seventy meters long and thirty high, the spectacular bridge, built to replace an old and rather unstable passage on the stream bed, allows you to reach the southern slopes of Val Noana.

After crossing the rope bridge “Val de Riva”, the route continues uphill along an easy path that leads to the meadows of Agaón, where it is possible to admire some typical huts (masi) still inhabited. At the junction with the asphalted road, the route continues on the right, towards W, going up a steep ramp that leads to the location of Col, a small set of huts which offers one of the most interesting sights on the Vette Feltrine. Descending along a track in the meadow, once past a historic hut (tabià), after crossing the bridge over the Rio Nèva the route reaches the hut of Rifugio Fonteghi (1,110 m asl).

From Rifugio Fonteghi, the itinerary follows the access road to the refuge for about a hundred meters, towards W; once near a shrine on the left, the trail leaves the road and starts climbing again along the path of the Signpost No. 733, which leads to the small group of huts (masi) of Valpiana di Sopra. Without caring about the signs indicating “Chiesa di Valpiana”, the route continues towards SW, keeping to the right and, after crossing the hill, joins the gravel road that crosses the southern slope of Cima Piadochin, on the edge of the beautiful meadows of Valpiana. After passing the group of  huts (masi) of Valpiana di Sotto, the gravel road leads directly to the building of Casina Forestale di Valpiana (1,130 m asl) with its nice wooden statue dedicated to the lumberjacks.

From Casina Forestale, the route continues following the gravel road “Malga Valpiana” towards Chiesa di Valpiana / Malga Valpiana, in a stretch on a gravel road entirely in the forest. Once arrived at the hut of Malga Valpiana (1,240 m asl) – an ancient renovated hut with a 360 degree view of the Pale di San Martino and the nearby Vette Feltrine -, the itinerary continues downhill following the gravel road (initially on the Signpost No. 726 “Valón”, then on the Signpost No. 727) gently descending back to Rifugio Fonteghi featuring four hairpin bends while immersed in the forest. 

From the hut, once you have passed the road bridge on the right, continue on the paved road, keeping to the left near the only crossroads and hence returning to Agaón. From here, it is sufficient to follow the first part of the itinerary backwards to return to the starting point, by the meadows of San Giovanni.


  • From the crossroads at Póit (1,185 m asl), follow the Signpost No. 726 in the direction of Ponte Tibetano Val de Riva / Rifugio Fonteghi, passing through the meadows of Ìneri, crossing the bridge and ascending to the location of Còl [1h 00],
  • From the crossroads of Còl, keep to the right, towards W, going up the ramp that leads to Col, then follow the track in the meadow downhill to Rifugio Fonteghi [1h 20],
  • From the hut of Rifugio Fonteghi (1,110 m asl), follow the path of the Signpost No. 733 to the huts (masi) of Valpiana di Sopra, then continue on the Signpost No. 733 until reaching the building named Casina Forestale di Valpiana, passing by the huts (masi) of Valpiana di Sotto [1h 55],
  • From the building of Casina Forestale di Valpiana (1,130 m asl), continue along the gravel road “Malga Valpiana” towards Chiesa di Valpiana / Malga Valpiana [2h 30],
  • From the hut of Malga Valpiana (1,240 m asl), descend along the gravel road (first along the Signpost No. 735 “Valón”, then Signpost No. 727) to Rifugio Fonteghi [3h 00],
  • From Rifugio Fonteghi, follow the asphalted road, keeping to the right until getting to the meadows of Agaón, then return to the starting point by following the first part of the route backwards [4h 15]. ✓