Lakes of Angeléssa and Pisórno

Calaita - Lago di Agneléssa - Cima Scanaiòl - Lago Pisórno

Lagorai,Lower Vanoi

aaron • 13/06/2020


05:30 hrs
8.6 km
Min. elevation
1605 m
Max. elevation
2467 m
Elevation gain
800 m
Elevation loss
800 m
Car park
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Beautiful ascent to one of the most panoramic peaks in the territory of Primiero: Cima Scanaiòl. The entire itinerary, never too crowded, is surrounded by an environment of great beauty and nature, typical of the Lagorai. Given the presence of some off-trail sections, it is recommended to carry a map or a GPS (or both!).

The hike starts from the hut of Rifugio Miralago, located on the S shores of the beautiful Lake of Calaita (1,605 m asl). In its initial stretch, the route follows the highest mule track, towards the N, parallel to the Signpost No. 350 (Strada Forestale Dóch – Forcella Calaita), at the edge of the meadow overlooking the lake basin. After crossing the bridge over the stream of Rio Boàl de Làres, just before reaching the second bridge located on the highest point of the mule track, the route leaves the mule track and begins to climb in larches the forest on the left, heading W, along the E slopes of Monte Agnelessa. in a wild area in total absence of marked paths.

The climb continues on the steep slope in the forest following the course of the stream of Rio Boàl de Làres – in the valley which carries the same name – towards the peak of Cima Agnelessa. The larches gradually disappear, leaving room for open areas which, in the mid-seasons, can offer spectacular colors. The track continues to climb along the valley, then crossing it, then turning left towards the saddle that can be easily spotted to the W of the ridge that descends from Cima Agnelessa. From the saddle, from which you begin to enjoy a remarkable sight, you can see the Lake of Agnelessa (about 2,100 m asl), which can be reached in just a few minutes.

From the lake, the itinerary proceeds uphill along a not so well marked path, given the usual absence of hikers in the area, which climbs to Monte Scanaiòl, where it is easy to keep the right direction by simply looking at the top of the mount, to the NW. In order to reach the summit, it is sufficient to climb up along the grassy slope to the left, on the SE side of the mountain, aiming for a grassy gap located a hundred meters south of the top. Once reached the grassy saddle, the trail continues along the ridge until it gets on the top of the peak of Cima Scanaiòl (2,467 m asl). The all-round view offered by the summit is wonderful, with a remarkable sight over the Dolomite of the Pala Group; however, a long break on the summit is not recommended, given the fame that Monte Scanaiòl has regarding the speed and intensity of the storms that it can start…

The descent from the summit initially follows the line of the ascent, returning to the grassy saddle just below the summit, to then continue diagonally without losing too much altitude on the E side of the crest that from the peak of Cima Scanaiòl reaches the one of Cima d’Arzòn to the south, overlooking the head of the Agnelessa Valley. The descent leads to the gap between the Agnelessa Valley and the basin where the Lake of Pisórno is located. After crossing the gap, a short downhill stretch on traces of the path leads to the Lake of Pisórno.

The Lake of Pisórno (2,227 m asl), a very clean water lake at high altitude nestled between the black cliffs of Cima d’Arzon, is inhabited by witches and evil spirits; it is said that if a person throws stones or annoys the waters, the spirits will soon fall the hail.

From the Lake of Pisórno, the route continues downhill heading S, towards Calaita / Forcella Fólga, along the only track available. At the junction with the Signpost No. 347, the trail continues to descend along the Signpost No. 347 and, after passing the biotope of Frattón, the aqueducts of Malga Dóch and following the course of the impetuous stream of Torrente Lòzen, it leads directly back to the Lake of Calaita.


  • From the Lake of Calaita (1,605 m asl), follow the highest mule track, heading N, until reaching the second bridge on the highest point of the track [0h 15],
  • Leave the mule track and start climbing through the forest on the left, towards the W, along the slopes of Monte Agnelessa, until reaching the Lake of Agnelessa [1h 15],
  • From the Lake of Agnelessa (about 2,100 m asl), climb along a not so well marked path on the mount of Scanaiòl, until reaching the summit [2h 30],
  • From the top of the peak of Cima Scanaiòl (2,467 m asl), proceed downhill without losing too much altitude on the E side of the ridge that connects the peaks of Cima Scanaiòl with Cima d’Arzòn to the S, pass the gap and continue to the Lake of Pisórno [3h 15],
  • From the Lake of Pisórno (2,227 m asl), continue downhill to the S towards Calaita / Forcella Fólga, then descend along the Signpost No. 347 until getting back by the Lake of Calaita [5h 30]. ✓