Lakes of Reganèl

Caoria - Laghi di Reganèl - Col della Croce - Val Regàna

Cima d'Asta Massif,Upper Vanoi

aaron • 28/06/2020


07:00 hrs
18.0 km
A little
Min. elevation
900 m
Max. elevation
2423 m
Elevation gain
1517 m
Elevation loss
1517 m
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Laghi di Reganèl (tr. lakes of Reganèl)? Probably, if you asked where these pretty lakes in a remote corner of the mountain range of Lagorai are located, many locals would not be able to tell you the answer. This hike, which starts from the village of Caorìa, draws a loop on the eastern slopes of the massif of Cima d’Asta, in one of the least visited corners of the Valley of Vanói and, more generically, of Lagorai.

The route is initially steep, but once you will arrive at the top, it would have been definitely worth the effort.

The itinerary starts from the location of Ponte Belfe (900 m asl), located at the east of Caorìa, along the Signpost No. 383, well marked from the parking lot next to the bridge. As mentioned, the path immediately begins to climb, initially in the forest and then following the course of the stream of Rio Reganèl, along a valley laying on the eastern slopes of the peak of Cima Spiadón (2,312 m asl), presenting some sections on grass. In several parts of the path, the high vegetation may suggest that this route is definitely not very common among hikers. Once reached an altitude of about 1,600 meters, in a very rough and open terrain, you can see the beautiful wooden bridge that leads to the bivouac of Baita Reganèl (1,717 m asl); the track, however, continues uphill towards the remains of Malga Reganèl, following the signs for the lakes called Laghi di Reganèl.

After passing the remains of Malga Reganèl, of which few traces nowadays can be seen, the path keeps climbing for a few hundred meters more, until reaching the basin of Lago di Reganèl di sotto (1,854 m asl) – tr. below -. From the lake, the landscape is beautiful, with rhododendron flowers typically in the period of June / July and a sight that gradually opens over the mountain range of Lagorai and the surrounding peaks. The itinerary proceeds still along the Signpost No. 383, leaving the territory of the Community of Primiero to enter the one of Tesino. After a couple of further uphill stretches, the itinerary gets to the lake called Lago di Reganèl di sopra (2,087 m asl) – tr. above -, which lies on the northern slope of the summit of Monte Conte Moro (2,354 m asl), the most imposing peak of this part of Lagorai. From the lake, the panorama opens wide onto the eastern chain of the Lagorai. In these remarkable high mountain lakes, it is possible to see a fish that is in some ways mythological: the Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus), an ancient species populating these territories since the Ice Age.

The route continues climbing the north-east ridge of the summit of Monte Conte Moro, then crosses the entire north side between the peaks of Monte Conte Moro and Col della Croce, on a particularly beautiful stretch along the slope, with gentle grassy slopes and signs of the past with some remains of huts used by shepherds. At this point, the well-marked path becomes almost a mule track and reaches the crossroads with the Signpost No. 387, coming from the lake of Lastè. The itinerary takes the path of the Signpost No. 387 towards Col della Croce / Forcella di Val Regàna, in a last stretch of climb, which already allows you to see the top – reachable by leaving the path, to the right, for about 50 m -. From the top of Col della Croce (2,423 m asl), the massif of Cima d’Asta appears really close. By the summit, the Signpost No. 387 crosses the gap to start descending on the other side of the mountain, towards the gap called Forcella di Val Regàna, on a path that has some very steep downhill sections, a little exposed but never dangerous, with a very short passage equipped with fixed ropes. From Forcella di Val Regana (2,047 m asl), which is a pathway connecting Caorìa and Val Malene together with a couple of other paths heading to Cima d’Asta, the return to Caorìa begins. The way back is perhaps a bit long, but never technically demanding, developing on the bottom of the valley named Val Regana, along the Signpost No. 338. Once the path turns into a gravel road (about 1,280 m asl), the route ends by simply following the signs for Caorìa / Ponte Belfe, along the road that continuously switches between flat and downhill stretches, passing through the hamlet of Svàizera and having some beautiful sights over old farms and the Valley of Vanòi.


  • From Ponte Belfe (900 m asl), by the village of Caorìa, go uphill along the Signpost No. 383 towards Laghi di Reganèl [2h 00],
  • Once reached the Lago di Reganèl di sotto (1,854 m asl), continue along the Signpost No. 383 towards the Lago di Reganèl di sopra (2,087 m asl). After that, reach the crossroads with the Signpost No. 387; take it towards Col della Croce / Forcella di Val Regàna, until getting to the mountain called Col della Croce [4h 00],
  • From Col della Croce (2,423 m asl), proceed downhill along the Signpost No. 387 towards the mountain gap of Forcella di Val Regàna [4h 30],
  • From Forcella di Val Regàna (2,047 m asl), the way back to Caorìa follows the path of the Signpost No. 338, turning into a gravel road, towards Caorìa / Ponte Belfe [4h 30]. ✓