Lago Negro

Refavaie - Malga Laghetti - Lago Nero - Malga Cupolà di Sotto

Lagorai,Upper Vanoi

gian • 21/08/2021


03:00 hrs
11.2 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1110 m
Max. elevation
1641 m
Elevation gain
550 m
Elevation loss
550 m
Car park
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This pleasant hike, although also suitable for being carried out during the summer season, is particularly recommended in the winter season with snowshoes and gaiters, depending on the snow conditions.

The itinerary shapes a loop in the westernmost part of the Valley of Vanoi, upstream from the location of Refavaie in what is also called Val Cìa; a territory belonging to the municipalities of Pieve and Castello Tesino.

The loop starts from the large parking lot by the hut of Rifugio Refavaie (1,116 m asl), which can also be reached by car directly from the village of Caoria. After having passed the first bend of the gravel road of Coldosé that leads to Malga Fossernica, at the first crossroads the route goes up to the left, towards Malga Laghetti / Passo Sàdole, along the historic mule track of Sàdole (Signpost No. 320), which connects the Valley of Fiemme with the Valley of Vanoi. Without ever presenting prohibitive sections, the mule track constantly climbs the slope on the northern side of the Vanoi stream, crossing the sunny, particularly rich in water and beautiful coniferous forest. After about 3.5 km, you reach the pasture of Malga Laghetti (1,582 m asl), where the sight opens wide onto the northern side of the massif of Cima d’Asta, with the minor peaks of Col del Vento on the left and Cima Corna on the right. After passing the hut of Malga Laghetti, the trail proceeds slightly uphill along the gravel road towards Passo di Sàdole, heading towards the head of the valley called Vallone dei Laghetti, at the bottom of which the stream of Rio Brentèla flows. After about 1 km from Malga Laghetti, you reach a crossroads, where you take a nice path downhill in the forest towards Lago Nero / Malga Cupolà di Sotto. The stretch in the forest that crosses the Vallone dei Laghetti, touching the basin where the lake of Lago Nero lies (1,616 m asl, also known as Lago Cauriòl o Lago Négro), is an authentic paradise wrapped in the typical silence that these remote corners of the Valley of Vanoi can offer.

After crossing the valley, the route continues on the easy gravel road named after Lago Nero, that allows you to quickly reach the shelter named Malga Cupolà di Sotto, at 1,544 m of altitude. From the shelter of Malga Cupolà, the descent towards the south east begins on the gravel road that leads back to the bed of the Vanoi stream, after having passed a long series of hairpin bends in the forest. A flat stretch on semi-open ground precedes the bridge that allows you to comfortably cross the watercourse and join the Signpost No. 380 (Sentiero Socéde) that connects Refavaie to the gap of Passo Cinque Croci. The itinerary ends by following the Signpost No. 380 for a couple of kilometers, which leads directly to the starting point of the itinerary, namely Rifugio Refavaie.


  • From the hut of Rifugio Refavaie (1,116 m asl), climb along the mule track of the Signpost No. 320 towards Malga Laghetti / Passo Sàdole,
  • From the hut of Malga Laghetti (1,582 m asl), proceed towards Passo Sàdole for about 1 km, until you reach the crossroads for Lago Nero / Malga Cupolà di Sotto [2h 00],
  • Proceed along the path, then turning into a gravel road, towards Malga Cupolà di Sotto [2h 20],
  • From the shelter of Malga Cupolà di Sotto (1,544 m asl), descend the gravel road towards Refavaie, cross the bridge over the Vanoi stream and descend along the Signpost No. 380 until getting back to Rifugio Refavaie [3h 00]. ✓

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