Lastè of Juribrutto

Malga Vallàzza - Lastè di Iuribrutto - Lago Iuribrutto - Malga Iuribrutto

Bocche Chain,Valles Pass

gian • 18/08/2019


03:15 hrs
6.5 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1912 m
Max. elevation
2324 m
Elevation gain
480 m
Elevation loss
480 m
Car park
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This short and simple itinerary takes in a fairly remote corner of the Primiero area, near Valles Pass. The pastures of Malga Valàzza and the location of Juribrutto / Iuribrutto / Gereburt offer a pleasant, unspoiled and usually uncrowded corner, among Swiss stone pine (cirmolo) trees and meadows, with views spacing from the Pale di San Martino and the beautiful and nearby Val Venegia, extending S over the range of Lagorai to the one of Vette Feltrine. The presence of small lakes near the saddle (2,323 m asl) and the lake of Juribrutto with its peninsula help in making this hike on the porphyries of the Massif of Cima Bocche simply unique.

The route starts from the hut of Malga Valàzza (1,935 m asl), located on the Valles Pass main road (SP81). The first part of the loop involves the ascent along the Signpost No. 631, a comfortable mule track leading to the Lastè di Juribrutto; the path rises along the small valley of the stream of Ruf de Pradàz, leaves the forest and climbs to the wide ridge of Lasté di Juribrutto

Once it reaches the saddle (2,323 m asl), the trail continues slightly downhill through wide pastures, reaching a pair of small lakes. To the left of the small lakes (on the S side), it is still possible to see the remains and trenches from the Great War, while admiring the stunning view over the peaks of the Pala Group to the SW, with the imposing and recognizable Mount Mùlaz (2,906 m asl), as well as much of the northern part of the range of Lagorai.

From here, the route continues along the Signpost No. 631 until it reaches the lake named Lago Juribrutto (2,206 m asl). The lake, lying in a basin on the side of the valley of Juribrutto, is just over 200 m wide although it features a small peninsula. A little paradise.

From the lake, the walk continues along the Signpost No. 629, which runs along the stream named Rio Juribrutto until it reaches the hut of Malga Juribrutto. Located on the other side of the slope if compared to Malga Juribello (which boasts a very wide pasture and a much better location), it is not clear why the malga got this name (the name translates in something like “the bad one”). The name probably derives more from the fact that the land on which its pastures stand was not particularly rich.

From Malga Juribrutto (1,912 m asl), the last section of the trail follows the path of the Signpost No. 623, which, entirely in the woods, cuts across the coast slightly uphill and leads back to Malga Valàzza.


  • From the hut of Malga Valàzza (1,935 m asl), ascend along the mule track of the Signpost No. 631 towards the lake named Lago Juribrutto up to the ridge of Lastè di Juribrutto [0h 45],
  • From the saddle (2,323 m asl), continue along the mule track of the Signpost No. 631 to the lake of Juribrutto [1h 15],
  • From Lago Juribrutto (2,206 m asl), follow the path of the Signpost No. 629 towards Malga Juribrutto [2h 45],
  • From the hut of Malga Juribrutto (1,912 m asl), take the Signpost No. 623, which slightly ascends to the starting point, at Malga Valàzza [3h 15]. ✓


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  • Valcanover, A., Deflorian, T. (1981). Guida dei Sentieri e Rifugi Trentino Orientale. Società degli alpinisti tridentini, TEMI.


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