Madonna del Sass

Fòssi - Ósne - Madonna del Sass - Ciclabile

Upper Primiero

gian • 27/05/2020


01:15 hrs
4.8 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
660 m
Max. elevation
744 m
Elevation gain
96 m
Elevation loss
96 m
Car park
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This really short itinerary is an easy and very pleasant walk for everyone and especially ideal for families. The walk takes place entirely on the bottom of the Primiero Valley, on the side of the Cismón torrent, through residential areas of the village of Transacqua until reaching the shrine entitled to the Madonna del Sass, in an environment rich of water and covered by the the shade of the forest of Pinédi.

From the parking lot of the sport center at Fòssi (713 m asl), in Transacqua, take the narrow road that, after skirting the stream of Rio Carpenze, heads SE towards the meadows of Navòi. After passing a rather ugly set of buildings, the narrow road climbs uphill through the meadows of Ósna before entering the main road connecting the center of Transacqua to the location of Mondin. Once past the mill called Molinét – which was active until the last century – by the stream named Rich Maór, you quickly reach the Mondìn crossroads, after having walked through the meadows of the Navòi. From the crossroads (747 m asl), the trail continues along the main road, and then leaves it a hundred meters later, in order to take a gravel road heading S, towards Òsne / Madonna del Sass. The trail continues on the new path that runs along the S side of the rich line on the edge of the pasture of Ósne. The basin of Ósne (725 m asl) and its pasture is among the most beautiful lands you can find on the bottom of the valley; the land has some old farmhouses and the pigeon tower at its center.

After having crossed the edge of Ósne, the itinerary continues downhill in the forest, always along the well maintained path towards Mezzano, which crosses the stream of Val Roncógna and reaches the shrine of Madonna del Sass (690 m asl), also known as Madonna dei Piài. Given the proximity to the villages and its isolated and silent position, the shrine is often a destination for occasional visitors. From the shrine, always following the same path heading downhill that now leads directly to Óltra (Mezzano), after a few hundred meters you will find a crossroads that leads directly to the cycle-path that connects Mezzano with Fiera di Primiero, by the location of Soríve.

The way back to the starting point simply follows the cycle-path, which gently climbs up to the side of the bed of the Cismón torrent, immersed in the shadow of the surrounding trees.


  • From the sport center at Fóssi (village of Transacqua), take the narrow roads that leads to the location of Navòi [0h 20],
  • From the crossroads of Mondìn (747 m asl), proceed along the road and take the path towards Ósne / Madonna del Sass [0h 35],
  • From the shrine of Madonna del Sass (690 m asl), walk along the path towards Mezzano, until reaching a crossroads, with a path heading directly to the (visible) cycle-path [0h 40],
  • Follow the cycle-path towards the N, until getting back to the starting point [1h 15]. ✓