Cavallazza from Malga Ces

Malga Ces - Cavallazza - Lago della Cavallazza - Laghetti di Colbricón

Lagorai,Rolle Pass,San Martino di Castrozza

gian • 03/09/2019


04:00 hrs
9.3 km
A little
Min. elevation
1670 m
Max. elevation
2324 m
Elevation gain
690 m
Elevation loss
690 m
Car park
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This itinerary starts from the hut of Malga Ces, one of the classic starting points for hiking on the northern slope of Lagorai, located not far from the village of San Martino di Castrozza. The hike, immersed in the environment of Lagorai, passes by the lakes of Colbricón, and then continues towards the summit of Cavallazza and the scenic lake of Cavallazza.

From Malga Ces (1,670 m. asl), the route starts by going up the Valbonéta ski slope (direction NW) for a few hundred meters to reach, on the right, path of the Signpost No. 348 in the direction of Laghetti di Colbricón / Passo Rolle. The steep path leads on the gap between the ridges of the eastern Colbricón and Cavallazza, which precedes the basin where the lakes of Colbricón lie. Once past the location of Pian delle Cartucce and reaching the gap, just before arriving at the lakes, the trail comes to a crossroads, where a track on the right leads to the summit of Cima Cavallazza. The itinerary continues up the track in the direction of the summit, on a steep scree with a slippery bottom that overlooks high cliffs. During the ascent, it is recommended to take time to look back; the views of the small lakes, the peaks of Colbricón and the imposing face of Colbricón Piccolo are beautiful, indeed. From the wooden summit cross placed on the top of Cavallazza (2,324 m asl), which deserves a small detour to the right of the trail because it features an extremely scenic sight, it is possible to overlook on a good part of the peaks of the Pala Group / Pale di San Martino, the entire Val Cismón, the northern peaks of the long range of Lagorai, Rolle Pass, the peaks of the range of Bocche and, far, some Dolomite peaks (including the S wall of the Marmolada). 

From the summit, the route continues on the downhill section on the grassy W slope of the mountain and shortly reaches the small fork named Forcella Cavallazza (2,226 m asl). From the fork, the itinerary follows the signs for Passo Rolle on a path, never exposed, that skirts the western sides of Cavallazza Piccola and Tognàzza, passing first by the beautiful lake of Cavallazza (~2,150 m asl) and then over the depression of Cavallazza Piccola, characterized by three striking pools of water, to finally reach Passo Rolle.

From Passo Rolle the trail descends the Ferrari ski slope (dedicated to Giuseppe Francesco Ferrari, a military general from La Spezia) until it reaches the basin of the departure of the Paradiso ski slope lift (at the location of Busa Ferrari); from here the route follows the beautiful flat mule track of the Signpost No. 348, in a section common to the itineraries of the “Translagorai” (TL) and the “Sentiero Italia” (SI), which crosses the sparse forest at high altitude and arrives directly at the beautiful lakes named Laghetti di Colbricón and the hut of Rifugio Laghi di Colbricón (1,925 m asl).

From Laghetti di Colbricón, the itinerary returns to Malga Ces by following downhill the path of the Signpost No. 348, which leads back, following the same initial stretch of the hike, directly to the hut.


  • From the hut of Malga Ces (1,670 m. asl), ascend along the path of the Signpost No. 348 towards Laghetti di Colbricón / Passo Rolle, until reaching to the crossroads at the gap that precedes the lakes of Colbricón [0h 40]. 
  • From the crossroads, continue on the trail that, on the right, climbs toward the summit of Cavallazza [1h 45],
  • From the top of Cima Cavallazza (2,324 m asl), descend on the trail to the saddle of Forcella Cavallazza (2,226 m asl), then proceed towards Passo Rolle [2h 30],
  • From Passo Rolle, descend the Ferrari ski slope to the basin of Busa Ferrari, then follow the flat mule track of the Signpost No. 348 toward Laghetti di Colbricón [3h 30],
  • From the hut of Rifugi Laghi di Colbricón (1,925 m asl), descend along the Signpost No. 348 toward Malga Ces [4h 00]. ✓


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