Malga Civertaghe → Rifugio Velo della Madonna

Malga Civertaghe - Malga Sora Rónz - Lasta Moia - Cadinòt - Rifugio Velo della Madonna

Pala Group,San Martino di Castrozza,Upper Primiero

gian • 20/08/2023


02:00 hrs
3.7 km
A little
Min. elevation
1445 m
Max. elevation
2358 m
Elevation gain
890 m
Elevation loss
10 m
Car park
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The trail of the Signpost No. 713 is the main and most direct access route to the hut of Rifugio Velo della Madonna; the route, later arranged for hiking purposes, partially retraces the same line traveled by the famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner with his brother Siegfried in October 1965 to open the climbing route “Via Messner” on the summit of Cima della Madonna. Unlike the access from San Martino di Castrozza, the Signpost No. 713 features a constant and steeper climb; however, once out of the woods, in its mid-upper part, it offers a unique sight. A characteristic feature of this classic “access route” is that it is the only access in the territory of Primiero that allows you to constantly see the point of arrival, since the very beginning.

The Signpost No. 713 would begin at the hut of Malga Civertaghe (1,375 m asl), but it is possible to save a few meters of initial climb by parking your car at the parking lot of Civertaghe (1,445 m asl), located to the left of the gravel road (near the hut called Casa Forestale delle Laste), just above the Malga. 

From the parking area, the itinerary starts climbing the fir forest following the signs for Rifugio Velo della Madonna (Signpost No. 713). After a short section on the wooded slope, the trail crosses – again – the gravel road of the Signpost No. 724, which climbs from Malga Civertaghe and which it follows until getting near the location of Campìgol di Sorarónz / Sora Rónz, from where the trail begins to climb steeply the gully of Val de la Vecia, along the slope covered at the bottom by mountain pines. After a couple of passages over scree left by seasonal snowfields and torrents, the trail enters the rocky amphitheater of Cadin di Sora Rónz, characterized by screes and crashes.

Past the junction with the Signpost No. 721 coming from Val di Roda / San Martino di Castrozza, where the trail continues to the right, the route faces the rocky forepart of “Lasta Moia”, a characteristic passage on an oblique ledge that is almost constantly wet, equipped with metal ropes. This passage is perhaps the most risky of the itinerary, but thanks to the presence of the metal ropes, it is possible to ascend the steep ledge without issues, bypassing the section that leads into the rocky valley of Cadinòt

Once at the gully of Cadinòt, the Signpost No. 713 continues up the bottom of the gully, where it soon reaches the crossroads with the Signpost No. 734 “Camillo Depaoli” (2,280 m asl). From the crossroads, a last short climb allows you to reach the natural grassy shoulder where Rifugio Velo della Madonna (2,358 m asl) stands, overlooked by the the summit of Cima della Madonna and with an exceptional view of the town of San Martino di Castrozza and the entire mountain range of Lagorai.

Once at Rifugio Velo della Madonna, for a complete experience it is suggested to reach, in a little less than 10 minutes, the small anonymous grassy peak to the S of the Rifugio (cairn), which towers isolated over the Cadinòt, from where it is possible to admire the entire Valley of Primiero and to observe the Rifugio and the nearby peaks from a somewhat different angle.


  • From the parking lot of Civertaghe (1,445 m asl), follow the trail of the Signpost No. 713 in the direction of Rifugio Velo della Madonna, until getting to the hut (2,358 m asl). [2h 00] ✓