Malga Rolle → Colbricón Lakes

Malga Rolle - Laghetti di Colbricón

Rolle Pass

gian • 28/09/2018


00:30 hrs
2.2 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1871 m
Max. elevation
1961 m
Elevation gain
110 m
Elevation loss
110 m
Car park
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To define this itinerary as a classic is probably an understatement. The trail that connects the hut of Malga Rolle, the most convenient access point to the lakes, to the two lakes named Laghetti di Colbricón is certainly one of the most popular trails of Primiero, during all seasons. Undoubtedly, the lakes – located at the extreme O of the Lagorai mountain range -, fall into the broad category of the most photographed places in the Alps. 

The walk starts from the hut of Malga Rolle (1,904 m asl), with a respectable view towards the peak of Cimón della Pala on one side and the one of Colbricón on the other. From the “malga”, the itinerary follows the wide path of the Signpost No. 348, which, after descending to the small depression named Busa Ferrari, a few hundred meters from the hut, continues with an easy, up-and-down mule track following the contour that crosses sparse forests of stone pine and spruce until it reaches the lakes named Laghetti di Colbricón, located at about 1,920 meters of altitude.

Along the trail, which runs entirely through the woods at the edge of the lush Paneveggio Forest in a stretch common to the “Translagorai” and “Sentiero Italia” well-known treks, it is possible to have views to the E towards Cima Tognazza (2,207 m asl) and to the W towards the wide basin that rises from Paneveggio to Passo Rolle, which defines the Valley of Travignolo to the N. Halfway up, the trail crosses the stream that descends from Lake Cavallazza and flows downstream via the stream of Rio di Colbricón.

Some clearings anticipate the thinning of the vegetation that precedes the entrance to the basin where the Colbricón Lakes and the hut of Rifugio Laghi di Colbricón (1,927 m asl) rise on the shore of the upper lake. The view from the lakes sweeps from the wide basin of the Paneveggio Forest with the meadow of Malga Colbricón (1,838 m asl) and Cima Bocche (2,745 m asl) in the background, to the peaks of Cavallazza (2,322 m asl) and Cavallazza Piccola (2,303 m asl) to the E, to those of Colbricón (2,602 m asl) and Colbricón Piccolo (2,509 m asl) to the W.


  • From the hut of Malga Rolle (1,904 m asl), follow the Signpost No. 348 towards the Laghi di Colbricón, until you arrive at the hut named Rifugio Laghi di Colbricón (1,927 m asl) [0h 30]. ✓


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