Muse Fedaie

Laghetto Welsperg – Villa Welsperg – Camp – Cacciatore

Canali Valley

gian • 22/10/2019


01:00 hrs
3.7 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1022 m
Max. elevation
1105 m
Elevation gain
90 m
Elevation loss
90 m
Car park
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This walk is suitable for everyone and definitely ideal for those who want to take a breath of fresh air, without worrying too much about their shape. The loop can be perfectly done, while digesting a typical lunch, traditionally rather heavy. Completely flat, the route develops on the bottom of the beautiful Val Canali, a true and authentic jewel in the heart of the territory of Primiero. The promenade loops around the headquarters of the Ente Parco Paneveggio Pale di San Martino since 1996: Villa Welsperg, located in the center of the valley.

The villa, built in 1853 as summer residence of the Welsperg family, is the host to numerous events. The building is located at the edge of a meadow of rare beauty, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape with the peaks of Cimerlo, Sass Maór and Canali rising enough isolated to be easily spotted.

This loop is known and proposed for the tourists with the name “Sentiero Muse Fedaie” (Signpost MF – from the toponym of the meadows surrounding Villa Welsperg); an itinerary of the Parco Naturale Paneveggio Pale di San Martino, which has biodiversity as the main theme, with a slight mystical background, which is the reason why, along the route, you will find sculptures and descriptions for visitors willing to explore a path of thoughtful self-reflection. Despite the tourist theme, the loop is objectively extremely relaxing.

The path starts by Lake Welsperg (1,027 m asl) and proceeds towards Villa Welsperg, following the east side of the valley on the edge of the meadow. After crossing the meadow with its small scenographic marshes, once reached the villa, the path continues along the wide lawn of the location of Camp. Once at Camp (1,080 m asl), where the sight opens up over the south-eastern side of the Dolomites of Pale di San Martino, the route follows a short stretch on the paved road crossing the stream of Canali. After crossing the bridge, the route follows the Signpost called “Ippovia del Trentino Orientale”; a wide path that develops downwards along the course of the stream. This stretch, which after about a kilometer leads to the location of Cacciatore, is entirely in the forest. Once reached Cacciatore, which fascinates its visitors for the color of the water of its small lake, the track follows the road. After crossing the stream of Canali (once again), the road leads directly to the starting point, by Lake Welsperg.

This extremely relaxing hike can be done both in the summer and in the winter. However, if you are not equipped, during the winter we recommend, once you arrive at Camp, to return along the paved road. As a matter of fact, the path that leads to Cacciatore runs along a side that is not very sunny and therefore often icy.


  • From Laghetto Welsperg (1.027 m asl), follow the Signpost “Muse Fedaie” (MF) towards Vila Welsperg [0h 15],
  • From the villa, keep following the Signpost “Muse Fedaie” north towards the location of Camp [0h 30],
  • From Camp (1.080 m asl), cross the bridge over the Canali stream and proceed downhill along the Signpost “Ippovia del Trentino Orientale” towards the location of Cacciatore [0h 45],
  • From Cacciatore, go along the paved road towards the starting point by Welsperg’s lake, passing next to Villa Welsperg [1h 00]. ✓