Nectar of Life

Sirór - Dismóni - Prati Cosàipi - Nolésca

Upper Primiero

andrej • 14/05/2020


03:00 hrs
9.5 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
762 m
Max. elevation
1280 m
Elevation gain
569 m
Elevation loss
569 m
Car park
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Interesting hike in the territory of Sirór, with departure and arrival by the village and main destinations the locations of Dismóni and Prati Cosàipi. The route, for even amatour hikers, does not present particular difficulties and, in its initial stretch towards Dismóni, crosses the location of Mastiòza along the reflection trail named “Nettare di vita – Prim1ero0 … a dieci passi dal cielo” (tr. “Nectar of Life – Prim1ero0 … ten steps from heaven” ), created in 2013 to raise awareness of ten fundamental values, each of which has been associated with an evocative element and a character from the history of Primiero (life – Chiara Lubich, harmony – Giuseppe Terrabugio, war and peace – Maria Boso, perseverance – otter, ingenuity – Engineer Luigi Negrelli, passion – Dino Buzzati, solidarity – Father Cesare Orler, nature – Don Pietro Fuganti, praise – Cardinal Joseph Bernardin).

The loop starts from the parking lot N of the village of Sirór, at the northern end of the Primiero Valley floor. The trail initially proceeds for about a kilometer in the direction of San Martino di Castrozza, running along the road named “Piana de Sirór”, skirting the orographic left of the Torrente Cismón. After crossing a bridge over the bed of the torrent towards the O, on the left the route takes the path of the Signpost No. 377, where the “Nectar of Life” trail begins, which climbs directly towards the little church of the Dismóni.

The trail, steep in places but always wide and well-marked, climbs for a couple of kilometers, crossing the main road SS 50 in the location of Zocaril and continuing toward the one of Mastiòza, until it reaches the location of Dismóni (1,280 m asl).

Once at the dirt road, the route offers two small variations: heading N (in the direction of San Martino di Castrozza), you may admire the view offered by the peaks of the Pala Group and the pastures around the Dismóni Restaurant; heading S, on the other hand, you may take a look at the pretty church of St. Valentine, the final destination of the “Nectar of Life” trail.

Once at the church, turn back to take the dirt road (Strada Forestale Dismóni) towards Fiera di Primiero.

After about a kilometer along the road you reach the meadows named Prati Cosàipi (1,205 m asl), where an original sign is placed with the names of the peaks that can be admired from there. From this point, the return route leaves the dirt road and takes the path of the Signpost No. 351 towards Sirór, which continues until it reaches another road (Strada Forestale Martina) – first gravel and then asphalt – that leads to the “lower” Prati Cosàipi (1,090 m asl).

After a little less than 300 m on the road, the trail abandons it, taking on the left (SE direction) the historic path of the Signpost No. 351 in the direction of Sirór. On reaching the next road, instead of following the signs for Sirór (Signpost No. 351), continue S in the direction of Pieve, proceeding for a little less than a kilometer along the paved road until reaching, near the crossing over the stream of Rio Valserena, the junction with the path of the Signpost No. 355, which you take downhill toward Nolésca / Sirór. After passing the main SS50 road in two breaks, the route arrives at the small village of Nolésca, opposite the old Valserena brewery. After passing through the village, simply cross the bridge over the Cismón Torrent along the main road SS50 to return to the starting point, by the village of Sirór.


  • From the town of Sirór (765 m asl), walk along the road “Piana de Sirór” along the Cismón Stream until you enter the path of the Signpost No. 377 [0h 30],
  • Follow the Signpost No. 377 to the location of Dismóni, passing through the one of Mastioza [1h 10],
  • [VARIANT] From Dismóni (1,280 m asl), visit the surrounding meadows and the Little Church of St. Valentine [1h 45], 
  • Follow the dirt road (Strada Forestale Dismóni) towards Fiera di Primiero, until the location called Prati Cosàipi [1h 55],
  • From Prati Cosàipi (1,205 m asl), descend along the trail of the Signpost No. 351 towards Nolésca / Sirór, passing through the “lower” Prati Cosàipi (1,090 m asl); at the third stretch of paved road, instead of proceeding along the Signpost No. 351, follow the road in the direction of Pieve, to the Valserena crossroads with the Signpost No. 355 [2h 40],
  • From the crossroads, descend along the path of the Signpost No. 355 towards Nolésca / Sirór, first crossing the village of Nolésca, then the bridge over the SS50 main road, hence returning to Sirór [3h 00]. ✓

Church of St. Valentine

  • Located with the Dolomites of the Pale di San Martino on its background, the Church of St. Valentine (by the location of Dismóni), was built by volunteers and benefactors between 1994 and 1995. The little church was inaugurated on October 15, 1995 by the bishop of Chicago Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, son of emigrants from Primiero.
  • The church, built by the owners of the huts nearby, is characterized by its essential yet geometric lines.
  • Inside the church, it is possible to see a wooden Christ above the arch, a statue of Jesus of the Sacred Heart on the left and a painting with Our Lady of Perpetual Help on the right. On the sides of the arch, there are two wooden statues: one dedicated to St. Barbara and one with Our Lady and Child. In the apse of the church, there is a representation of the Last Supper.
  • The church is usually open on Sunday, by concession of the owners of the surrounding huts, nowadays keepers of its keys.


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