Padella Cross from Transacqua

Ormanico - Val Unéda - Croce del Padèla - Val Ombrìa - Càneva

Pale Alte Chain,Upper Primiero

gian • 14/11/2020


04:30 hrs
11.6 km
Min. elevation
1867 m
Max. elevation
750 m
Elevation gain
1100 m
Elevation loss
1100 m
Car park
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Although it is more popular to get to the cross of Croce del Padèla starting from the highest locations of either Caltena or Valtegnarich, the traditional and much more demanding access route is the “direttissima” (tr. direct trail), which starts from the village of Transacqua. The cross named Croce del Padèla – or Croce Padella, depending on the toponymy – is located in the mountain group of Pale Alte, on the westernmost shoulder of the peak of Cimon di Fradusta (1,861 m asl), near the gap that separates the top of it from the one of Sasso Padella ( 1,748 m asl). The imposing and illuminated iron cross is visible from the bottom of the valley, looking east, on top of a wooded and apparently not really pretty mountain.

The itinerary starts from the picturesque and often underestimated center of the village of Ormanìco (or Rómanich), the historic rural heart of Transacqua, where the ascent to the south east begins along the beautiful cobbled trail of Via Verda (Signpost No. 723), which crosses a series of meadows before taking, at the location of Segnarèz, the paved road that allows to reach Val Unéda from Transacqua. The road with a rough surface proceeds steeply in the forest, first passing by the shrine called Capitel de Pissabói (975 m asl) and then by the location of Val Unéda. From Val Unéda, the route continues along the road named “Strada Forestale Pretecasa” towards Ritasa, always along the Signpost No. 723; at the third hairpin bend, the road reaches a crossroads, where the route leaves the road to proceed along the path of the Signpost No. 11 towards Croce del Padèla. After a short and very steep stretch, the path widens, turning into a wide and flat road, which leads to a crossroads with a path on the left (Signpost No. 743), which the itinerary takes towards Croce del Padèla / Scòfa. Once by the location of Scòfa (1,350 m asl), the route proceeds along the Signpost No. 744A, always following the signs pointing at Croce del Padèla. The climb proceeds steeply on a tiring but not dangerous stretch that leads to the wide saddle on the north-west side of the Cimon di Fradusta, from which the sight, covered before by the vegetation, begins to open towards the valleys of Canali and Mis.

From the saddle, the most demanding stretch of the itinerary begins; at times slightly exposed, the climb shortly reaches the location of Prà del Caorìn (1,625 m), where it proceeds along the Signpost No. 744, rapidly ascending towards the cross along the grassy northern gully of the summit of Cimon of Fradusta. After covering the last part of the gully, where the ground becomes gravelly, you pass the last equipped meters on easy rocks until you reach a small gap (1,855 m asl), from which it will be enough to walk a few meters to reach the iron cross of Croce del Padèla (1,867 m asl). The view from the cross is breathtaking and certainly pays off the effort: the Giasinòzza Valley can be seen to the south, together with the meadows of Caltena, Valpiana and Fónteghi, with the entire mountain range of Vette Feltrine in the background; moving to the west, the lower part of the Primiero Valley can be seen, with the peaks of Vedèrna and Totóga, then Bedolé and all of the upper part of the valley, with a view that extends up towards Passo Rolle, the peaks of Lagorai and the ones belonging to the Pala Group; the view to the north of the Valley of Canali and its peaks is also beautiful, as well as the Valley of Mis.

The return keeps following the Signpost No. 744 towards Rifugio Caltena. The track descends steeply towards the south, in a path that is very similar, both for technical difficulty and for the type of terrain, to that faced during the climb. Once you reach the saddle that separates Sasso Padella from Col Guión, where the path of the Signpost No. 744 would continue until getting by the hut of Rifugio Caltena, the route takes the small track towards Transacqua / Le Vale, that descends steeply in the forest of Val Ombría. The track, never dangerous, descends along a silent gully of birch and beech trees, featuring a soft ground with the presence of interesting erratic boulders. The track quickly reaches the intersection with the Signpost No. 743 by the location of Giazzai (1,220 m asl), where the descent proceeds until it joins a gravel road, always heading towards Transacqua. The descent becomes less steep and you will soon reach the åaved road – connecting Transacqua with Rifugio Caltena – which you follow downhill through the beautiful meadows of Lach Sant, Noali and Lach, until you reach, in the location of Nogarili, the intersection with the path named “Trói de le Càore”, by the shrine dedicated to Santa Barabara. The route follows the “Trói de le Càore” path on a pleasant flat stretch in the forest that leads to the historical building of Villa Càneva. From the ancient villa, the route descends along the access road to the building (Via Bellavista), and from here you reach the church of Transacqua. From the church, just keep to the right, towards the north, and walk along the edge of the cemetery until you shortly reach the center of Ormanico.


  • From the center of the village of Ormanìco / Rómanich (745 m asl), proceed uphill towards the southeast along the Signpost No. 723 towards Val Unéda / Ritasa, until reaching the location of Val Unéda, passing next to the shrine called Capitel de Pissabói (975 m asl) [0h 40],
  • From Val Unéda, proceed along the gravel road named “Strada Forestale Pretecasa” (Signpost No. 723) towards Ritasa, then – at the third bend – leave the road to follow the Signpost No. 11 towards Croce del Padèla [1h 00],
  • At the crossing, turn left and take the Signpost No. 743 towards Croce del Padèla / Scòfa; once in Scòfa (1,350 m asl), follow the Signpost No. 744A up until reaching the crossroads at Prà del Caorìn (1,625 m), where you take the Signpost No. 744 to Croce del Padèla [2h 40],
  • From the cross called Croce del Padèla (1,867 m asl), descend along the Signpost No. 744 towards Rifugio Caltena, then follow the small track of Val Ombrìa towards Transacqua, passing by the location of Giazzai (1,220 m asl), where the descent flows into a gravel road that leads to the main paved road that connects Transacqua with Le Vale / Rifugio Caltena [3h 40],
  • Descend along the paved road towards Transacqua until the intersection with the the path called “Trói de le Càore” [4h 00],
  • Follow the “Trói de le Càore” path to the building of Villa Càneva, then descend along Via Bellavista, then to the church of Transacqua, where you can turn to the right, towards the north, getting back to the center of Ormanico [4h 30]. ✓


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