Passo Cereda - Malga Fossetta - Passo del Palughét

Cereda Pass,Pale Alte Chain

gian • 28/07/2021


02:30 hrs
5.5 km
A little
Min. elevation
1369 m
Max. elevation
1878 m
Elevation gain
540 m
Elevation loss
540 m
Car park
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Located between the mountain group of Pale Alte block and the rocky ones of Garfol (subgroup of Cimónega), the gap of Passo del Palughét is particularly suggestive and panoramic, as it offers a natural balcony facing the beautiful north-western walls of the Cimónega Dolomite peaks, with the imposing summits of the Piz de Sagrón (foreground), Piz de Mèz and Sass de Mura, made even more impressive by the suggestive lights of the afternoon and the sunset.

This classic itinerary – short, not exposed and suitable for all those having a little bit of mountain hiking experience – starts from Passo Cereda and draws the complete tour of the summit of Cima Palughét, to the E of which the gap lies. From the hut of Malga Fossetta there are two alternatives that allow you to get to the gap; the direction proposed here (i.e. counterclockwise) is recommended, as it allows you both to face the less marked and wilder track uphill and to make the crossing of the ridge with the majestic Dolomite peaks of the Cimónega right in front of you.

The route starts from Passo Cereda (1,369 m asl), next to the restaurant of Rifugio Cereda, at the crossroads with the road that leads to Malga Fossetta. From the crossroads, the route follows the signs towards Malga Fossetta / Passo del Palughét, along the Signpost No. 801. After about 200 meters uphill on the paved road leading to the hut of Malga Fossetta, you reach a second crossroads, where you continue on the path climbing steeply on your right, still following the Signpost No. 729. The path climbs the wooden slope and reaches, in less than a kilometer, the pasture of Malga Fossetta (1,570 m asl). Once at the hut (1,554 m asl), the trail proceeds downhill on the wide gravel road leading to the building up to the first curve, where you leave the road and proceed uphill on the barely visible track that goes up the grassy gully. After a hundred meters of ascent, the path – while becoming clearer – turns right and begins to climb the northern wooded slopes of the summit of Cima Palughét. The path continues bringing you higher in altitude, as the sight opens onto the entire pasture of Malga Fossetta in the foreground and the summits of the Pala Group. After passing a small rocky gully, a final uphill stretch leads to the ridge, on the path that crosses the southern slope of the summit. You then proceed by turning left and by following the visible track which, progressively, opens up the view on the peaks of the mountain group of Cimónega in front and on the range of Vette Feltrine behind, beyond the Giasinòzza and Noana valleys.

After the junction with the path that descends, to the right, towards Baita Cogolate, the route continues on the track which keeps the contour, following the Signpost No. 729 “Nico Scalet” towards Passo Cereda until it reaches the gap of Passo del Palughét (1,860 m asl ). Once on the gap, it is sufficient to descend along the path of Signpost No. 729 which, after an initial more technical stretch on a gravel gully, leads in a few minutes back to Malga Fossetta, from where you proceed backwards along the initial stretch of the itinerary, hence heading back to Passo Cereda.


  • From Passo Cereda (1,369 m asl), follow first the Signpost No. 801, then the Signpost No. 729 towards Malga Fossetta / Passo del Palughét,
  • From the pastures of Malga Fossetta (1,570 m asl), reach the hut (1,554 m asl), then proceed downhill on the gravel road accessing the building up to the first curve, then continue uphill on the fairly visible trace of the path that goes up the grassy gully,
  • Climb the wooden northern slopes of Cima Palughét along the track, up to the crossroads on the ridge [0h 30],
  • From the ridge, proceed to the left along the visible track until you reach the gap of Passo del Palughét [1h 45],
  • From Passo del Palughét (1,860 m asl), descend along the path of the Signpost No. 729 “Nico Scalet” towards Passo Cereda, passing again by the pastures of Malga Fossetta [2h 30]. ✓


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