Walking at Rolle Pass

Passo Rolle - Malga Juribello - Capanna Cervino

Rolle Pass

gian • 09/02/2020


02:00 hrs
5.7 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1868 m
Max. elevation
2082 m
Elevation gain
250 m
Elevation loss
250 m
Car park
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If you fall into the broad category of those who think that Rolle Pass is one of the most beautiful Dolomite passes and in the wide one of those who like to walk peacefully surrounded by alpine pastures, this trail is probably a good one for you. Recommended for its ease both in winter and summer seasons, this walk will allow you to enjoy some of the most interesting sights of Rolle Pass, in a landscape of nature, beautiful summits, meadows and huts.

It is worth mentioning that, at the time when the ski lifts are active, the crossings are marked with visible special signs and with repeated signposts, especially during the return to Rolle Pass from the hut of Capanna Cervino, in order to minimize the dangers associated with crossing the ski slopes. As a matter of fact, the itinerary includes at several points the crossing of the slopes of the Passo Rolle ski area (“Pista Castellazzo”).

Coming from San Martino di Castrozza, just below the Rolle pass, right where the legendary and historic single-seat lift towards Baita Segantini was used to start, the walk begins. At first, the route goes up along the gravel road leading towards Baita Segantini (part of the long trek of “Sentiero Italia” – SI). After about half a kilometer, you reach the basin which acts as a main crossroads between the “Val Venegia” road (towards Baita Segantini), the “Malga Costoncella” gravel road and the wide path heading towards Malga Juribello. By the basin, the track goes directly towards the start of the “Castellazzo” ski lift, where – on the E side of the structure – the trail continues by taking the latter, with a slight undulating descent which, crossing in succession the pastures of Costoncella, Agnelezza and Juribello, leads in a couple of kilometers to the hut of Malga Juribello (1,868 m asl).

From the “malga”, the route goes up NE until after walking aside the vegetation inside a small valley, it reaches a path that leads back to Rolle Pass. Following the track towards the pass (direction S), you return on the wide path previously taken. After about 100 meters, leave the path to gradually rise in altitude on the western side of Castelàz / Monte Castellazzo (2,333 m asl), leaning on tracks more or less visible but obvious following the edge of the evident gradient shift on the slope of the mountain. This stretch, still on the grass, leads in just over a kilometer to the hut of Capanna Cervino.

From Capanna Cervino (2,082 m asl), where it is possible to have a nice view of the Cimon della Pala, the way back follows the “Val Venegia” gravel road downhill, which leads directly to the starting point at Rolle Pass. During this last stretch, also given the many visible tracks, it is possible to cut the long hairpin bends of the driveway without any difficulty.


  • From Rolle Pass, take the “Val Venegia” gravel road towards Baita Segantini; follow the road for about 500 m until reaching the first crossroads [0h 10],
  • At the crossroads, follow the wide path towards Malga Juribello [0h 45],
  • From the hut of Malga Juribello (1,868 m asl), head NE until reaching a path that leads to Rolle Pass [1h 10],
  • Follow the path towards Passo Rolle; then, once you have entered the track previously followed to reach Malga Juribello, climb uphill the pasture along the tracks that follow the slope of Monte Castelàz, until you reach the hut of Capanna Cervino [1h 40],
  • From Capanna Cervino (2,082 m asl), descend along the “Val Venegia” gravel road until you reach the starting point, by Rolle Pass [2h 00]. ✓

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