Passo Rolle → Baita Segantini

Passo Rolle - Capanna Cervino - Baita Segantini

Rolle Pass

gian • 21/08/2020


00:48 hrs
2.5 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1964 m
Max. elevation
2181 m
Elevation gain
210 m
Elevation loss
Car park
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Beautiful and very popular walk that, from the pass of Passo Rolle, arrives at the hut of Baita Segantini, undoubtedly one of the most visited destinations in the Dolomites. The main feature of the entire walk, which develops entirely along the gravel road that connects the pass with the hut (as part of the long itinerary of “Sentiero Italia” – SI), is the magnificent picture offered towards the E on the W sector of the Pala Group, with the peak of Cimon della Pala that stands out isolated on the right and the imposing peaks of Vezzana, Bureloni, Val Grande, Mulaz and Venegiòta. In addition to the peaks belonging to the Pala Group, particularly interesting are the sights of Monte Castellazzo to the N, Passo Rolle and Punta Rolle to the S, the mountain range of Lagorai to the SE and Paneveggio with the Valley of Fiemme to the E.

The starting point is Passo Rolle (1,984 m asl), near a large car park, located a few hundred meters from the gap, on the E side towards the village of San Martino di Castrozza. From the parking lot the trail begins, next to a building once used as the starting point of the Segantini – Graffer single-seater chairlift – which led directly to the Segantini hut -, by going uphill on a gravel road featuring comfortable hairpin bends, that immediately leads to a first intersection. At the intersection, the walk proceeds by taking the gravel road on the right towards Capanna Cervino (2,084 m asl). Currently a restaurant, the hut of Capanna Cervino was born in the 1930s as the base of the ski school founded by Alfredo Paluselli who gave this name to the building in honor of the Cimon della Pala, called “the Matterhorn of the Dolomites” (Cervino is the Matterhorn), due to its particular shape.

From the hut of Capanna Cervino, the walk continues on a short stretch on a path that allows you to shortcut the wide bend of the gravel road (it is possible, of course, to proceed along the road). Then, after a relatively flat stretch along the road, you reach directly the hut of Baita Segantini (2,181 m asl) with its small lake, located on the head of the valley of Venegia, facing Dolomites of the Pale di San Martino.

From Baita Segantini it is possible to return directly to Passo Rolle by obviously following the route backwards or one of the many tracks to Passo Rolle, which, with the tourist development of the “Trekking del Cristo Pensante”, are now all clearly visible and do not require any particular technical effort.


  • From the mountain pass of Passo Rolle (1.984 m asl), follow the gravel road of the “Sentiero Italia” (SI), ascending towards Capanna Cervino / Baita Segantini [0h 30],
  • From the hut of Capanna Cervino (2,084 m asl), continue the ascent, always following the gravel road, until getting to Baita Segantini [0h 50]. ✓


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