Col Margherita from Valles Pass

Passo Valles - Laresei - Lago di Cavia - Col Margherita

Agordino,Valles Pass

hz • 29/12/2023


04:30 hrs
12.5 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
2032 m
Max. elevation
2490 m
Elevation gain
650 m
Elevation loss
650 m
Car park
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Interesting and rewarding half-day walk on the border between the Trentino-Alto Adige / Südtirol and Veneto regions, between the mountain communities of Agordo, Primiero and Fassa, which – due to the development of the route – can sometimes recall the more famous ascent to Baita Segantini from Passo Rolle.

The walk starts by the hut of Rifugio Valles, located on the Valles pass (2,032 m asl) and reachable not only by own means but also by public transport services operating during the tourist season. 

After crossing the main road of the pass (SP81 / SP25), the route begins by following the slightly uphill gravel road of the Signpost No. 658 to the N, in the direction of Malga Pradazzo, which runs among green hills in an environment characterized, during the summer season, by the presence of numerous grazing animals. Shortly after passing some now disused huts (Malga Pradazzo), the route continues E along the track marked by red and yellow stakes in the direction of Laresei – which climbs the southern slope of Monte Pradazzo (2,272 m asl) – keeping to the right with respect to the grassy ridge of the mountain. Here, in an environment featuring mountain pines and typical porphyry pebbles, it is exciting to widen your sight to the S and be impressed by the magnificent shape of the Pale di San Martino / Pala Group peaks that characterizes the entire itinerary. At the end of the ascent, by the locality of Laresei (which can also be reached by the Falcade ski lifts), the scenery is enriched by the view of the peaks of the Costabella mountain chain, as well as the unmistakable shapes of the summits of Monte Pelmo and Monte Civetta. Returning to the gravel road and keeping to the right, after a rapid descent, the itinerary proceeds on the road that passes above the hut of Malga di Zingari Alta and leads to the lake named Lago di Cavia (2,100 m asl). This lake in the winter season serves as a reservoir to feed the ski slopes in the Falcade San Pellegrino area, while in the summer season it is a perfect mirror of water reflecting the surrounding peaks. 

The walk proceeds uphill on the gravel road towards Forcella Pradazzo / Col Margherita, following the development of the tourist itinerary with its metal signs and reaches, after passing over the saddle of Forcella di Pradazzo (2,220 m asl), which connects Col Margherita and Monte Pradazzo, the summit of Col Margherita (2,513 m asl) after a steep but steady ascent on a slippery slope. Col Margherita is characterized by the presence of modern facilities of the ski lifts, where it is possible to rest and enjoy the view.

The return retraces the gravel road of Col Margherita, where it is possible to sporadically shorten the route by passing over the meadow. Once back at the crossroads present at Forcella Pradazzo, which overlooks the lake of Cavia, the route returns to the starting point by following the Signpost No. 658 towards Passo Valles, in a section shared with Sentiero Italia (SI) and Alta Via delle Dolomiti No. 2 (AV2), which leads directly to the starting point at the pass.


  • From Passo Valles (2,032 m asl), follow the slightly uphill forest road of the Signpost No. 658 heading N, towards Malga Pradazzo [0h 15],
  • Passing some disused huts, continue E along the track marked by red and yellow stakes in the direction of Laresei [1h 30],
  • At the end of the climb, by the locality of Laresei, continue on a rapid descent and then proceed on the road that leads first to the lake named Lago di Cavia (2,100 m asl) and then to the saddle of Forcella Pradazzo [2h 15], 
  • From Forcella Pradazzo (2,220 m asl), climb to the summit of Col Margherita [3h 30],
  • From Col Margherita (2,513 m asl), return along the gravel road to Forcella Pradazzo, then proceed along the Signpost No. 658 (SI / AV2) towards Passo Valles [4h 30]. ✓

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