Piani della Cavallazza

Malga Cés - Piani della Cavalazza - Malga Fòsse - Malga Fòsse di Sotto - Orti Forestali

Lagorai,San Martino di Castrozza

aaron • 02/11/2020


03:00 hrs
10.8 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1633 m
Max. elevation
2000 m
Elevation gain
550 m
Elevation loss
550 m
Car park
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The itinerary that, starting from the chalet of Malga Ces, leads to the marshes of the so-called Piani della Cavalazza (or Cavallazza) is a hike which is suitable for everyone, including families, since it does not feature an advanced climb while it still allows you to enjoy some incredible views offered by these beautiful and relaxing places.

The starting point of the itinerary is by the chalet of Malga Ces (1,660 m asl), which can be approached from the village of San Martino di Castrozza also by car. From the hut, a flat path branches off to the W, initially crossing the ski slope named Val Bonéta and then enters in the forest. After a few hundred meters a sign with directions for Piani della Cavallazza appears (Signpost No. 15, which you take on the left). After crossing the gravel road “Val Bonéta”, the trail goes up towards Piani della Cavalazza, in the only real uphill part of the itinerary, which however consists of an easy path with wide hairpin bends and rather easy slopes. While climbing though the forest, the route alternates between trees and small clearings and, after passing some buildings of the aqueduct, it heads towards the top of Piani della Cavallazza (1,972 m asl), with its small but spectacular flat terraces located close to the peak of Cima Cavalazza. From here, there is a simply beautiful view of the Pala Group, while in some part of the trail it is possible to see the village of San Martino di Castrozza from above. The path then descends slightly, taking you to a semi-open marshy area characterized by sporadic vegetation, with the presence of larches and mountain pines, in a piece of land that is a reserve of the natural park of Paneveggio Pale di San Martino. Once reaching a crossroads with a downhill path that would lead to Malga Fosse di Sotto, the route continues at high altitude, always following the Signpost No. 15, taking the path on the left towards Passo Rolle / Malga Fosse di Sopra. This stretch of the Signpost No. 15 allows you to cross the most interesting, panoramic and wild part of Piani della Cavalazza, with the peak of Cimon della Pala in the foreground together with the Pala Group.

Once you reach the saddle separating the location of Piani della Cavalazza with Passo Rolle (2,000 m asl), located on the eastern slopes of the summit of Tognazza and from which the view of the Passo Rolle basin opens up, the Signpost No. 15 begins to descend towards the basin named Busa Bella (1,870 m asl. ), which can be reached after a few minutes of descent. From the bottom of the basin, the itinerary proceeds upwards along the meadows to the east towards Malga Fosse di Sopra, which can be spotted from below.

Once you arrive at the hut of Malga Fosse di Sopra (1,936 m asl), the way back to Malga Ces begins downhill on a path that starts just behind the hut, on the opposite side if compared to the main road. Also designed for cyclists, the path descends with comfortable hairpin bends towards Villa Pisoni and Malga Fosse di Sotto, crossing the main road SS50 at the location called “Pont de le Fosse” (a bridge over the Cismón torrent, near which – back in time – the second section of the single-seater chairlift that led from San Martino di Castrozza to Punta Rolle passed) and descending into the beautiful forest above San Martino di Castrozza. Once you reach the pastures of Malga Fosse di Sotto (1,639 m asl), now almost abandoned – near which (on the other side of the Cismón torrent) the old military cemetery of the Great War lies almost forgotten – the itinerary, instead of going down towards San Martino di Castrozza, continues on a short uphill stretch along the path named after “B.G. Miotti” (stretch of the Caoria Paneveggio cycle path). You can take this part of the route a hundred meters below the remains of the hut, to the right towards the S. The “B.G. Miotti” path climbs gently into the forest until it reaches the location of Giardini Forestali (tr. forest gardens – 1,700 m asl), ancient forest nurseries dated back during the imperial time (i.e., Austro-Hungarian Empire).

From the junction of the gravel roads present by Giardini Forestali, the hike ends by traveling towards Malga Ces, following the gravel road “Orti Forestali” which, after a slight descent, flattens out just before reaching the location of Ces. A few hundred meters before Malga Ces, near the so-called “Campìgol”, the route resumes the stretch of flat path traveled at the beginning of the itinerary, which leads directly back to the hut of Malga Ces.


  • From the chalet of Malga Ces (1,660 m asl), follow the path towards W, which initially crosses the Val Bonéta ski slope, up to the junction with the Signpost No. 15 [0h 05],
  • From the junction, take uphill the Signpsot No. 15 towards Piani della Cavalazza,
  • Climb along the Signpsot No. 15 to the top of Piani della Cavallazza (1,972 m asl), then proceed towards Malga Fosse di Sopra, crossing the highest point and descending to the basin called Busa Bella [1h 30],
  • From Busa Bella (1,870 m asl), go up to the hut of Malga Fosse di Sopra [1h 40],
  • From Malga Fosse di Sopra (1,936 m asl), descend along the path towards Malga Fosse di Sotto [2h 25],
  • From Malga Fosse di Sotto (1,639 m asl), continue uphill on the “B.G. Miotti” path (cycle path Caoria Paneveggio) up to the location called Orti Foretali [2h 45],
  • From Orti Foretali (1,700 m asl), follow the gravel road “Orti Forestali” towards Malga Ces, until heading back to the chalet [3h 00]. ✓


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