Pieve – Mezzano

Pieve - Via Nòva - Piani di Molarén - Mezzano - Ciclabile

Lower Primiero,Upper Primiero

hz • 13/11/2020


02:00 hrs
6.8 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
637 m
Max. elevation
812 m
Elevation gain
180 m
Elevation loss
180 m
Car park
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This comfortable walk lasting just a couple of hours is a pleasant trail that winds on the bottom of the Valley of Primiero, touching the municipalities of Primiero San Martino di Castrozza and Mezzano. Although the walk may not be particularly spectacular, the convenience of the route and the natural and rural environments that surround you along the way make it extremely relaxing. Forming a loop, the walk can start from various locations; we have set the starting point by the pretty village of Pieve di Primiero, one of the most historic and well-maintained in the whole valley.

From the center of Pieve (720 m asl), in front of the historic palace called Palazzo delle Miniere, follow the beautiful paved avenue of Via San Rocco heading to the south-west. Once passed the square in front of the main church of St. Mary, after 300 meters you reach the crossroads where the path of Via Nòva (Signpost No. 357) begins, near a typical fountain with a rectangular basin. From the crossroads, the route continues taking the easy path of Via Nòva, which gradually climbs into the forest, leaving the village of Pieve behind, towards the highest edges of meadows of Molarén (separating Fiera di Primiero from Mezzano).

Despite the proximity to the inhabited centers of the valley, the environment, which alternates stretches entirely immersed in the forest with corners of meadows with rustic, well-maintained and still inhabited farmhouses, is incredibly quiet; in many stretches of the Via Nòva you can also enjoy the view of unexpected panoramic sights over Molarén and, further south, on the mountain range of Vette Feltrine, dominated by the pyramidal peak of Monte Pavióne.

The Signpost No. 357 continues, always slightly uphill, passing the crossroads of La Dena (780 m asl), until it reaches the crossroads by the location of Frontal (Piani di Molarén), near a fountain, where the track leaves the path of Via Nòva in order to descend along the paved road of the Signpost No. 379 towards the village of Mezzano. After crossing the bridge on the right over the watercourse that descends from Val de Stòna, the itinerary descends along Via delle Scure until it reaches the center of Mezzano, where it is possible to observe numerous artistic works made with stacks of wood. The first work to be seen near the fountain that separates Via Don Luigi Bonat from Via delle Scure, dedicated to the flood that struck the valley and all of Northern Italy in 1966, is remarkable for its visual impact.

After crossing the center of Mezzano, past the patronal church dedicated to San Giorgio, the itinerary continues along the road of Via del Pian towards the small hamlet of Óltra, located beyond the course of the Cismón torrent and reachable after passing an underpass near the sports center. From Óltra, the route returns following the comfortable cyclepath, which climbs – never with difficult slopes – on the left bank of the Cismón torrent. During the pleasant return it is possible to appreciate numerous glimpses of the Pale di San Martino in the distance, the marshy limits of the forest of Pinédi and the meadows of Ósne with their characteristic columbarium (tower).

After just about 3 km along the cyclepath, you approach the edge of the village of Transacqua. Keeping to the left and crossing the bridge over the Cismón torrent, you will reach the sports area of Fiera di Primiero. From the tennis courts, always keeping to the left and crossing the state road, a ramp with final stairs leads directly in front of the main church of Pieve, thus ending this beautiful loop.


  • From the center of Pieve (720 m asl), follow the paved road of Via San Rocco for 300 meters until you reach the junction with the Signpost No. 357 [0h 05],
  • Proceed uphill along the path of the Signpost No. 357 (Via Nòva), until you reach the crossroads by the location of Frontal (810 m asl) [0h 35],
  • Descend the paved road towards the town of Mezzano, along the road of Via delle Scure [1h 00],
  • Go through the center of Mezzano (640 m asl), pass the church of San Giorgio and proceed along the road of Via del Pian towards the hamlet of Óltra, located beyond the Cismón torrent [1h 15],
  • From Óltra, follow the comfortable cyclepath for about 3 km, then cross the Cismón torrent once again, reaching the sports area, then cross the SS 50 main road and climb up back to the center of Pieve [2h 00]. ✓


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