Primiero Dolomiti Marathon Family Trail

Fiera di Primiero - Vallombrosa - Tassóni - Piani di Molarén - Pieve

Upper Primiero

gian • 31/03/2021


01:30 hrs
6.5 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
772 m
Max. elevation
978 m
Elevation gain
293 m
Elevation loss
293 m
Car park
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This trail, ideal for all those who want to walk in the surroundings of the village of Fiera di Primiero, is following the Primiero Dolomiti Marathon “Family Trail” route, featuring relatively easy 6.5 km, yet with some uphill stretches. Although this loop, that starts in the center of Fiera di Primiero, develops entirely in the lower part of the Primiero Valley, it is interesting how it can offer quite remarkable views. A considerable advantage of this itinerary is that it is entirely marked by the easily recognizable signposts of the Primiero Dolomiti Marathon running race.

From the center of Fiera di Primiero (722 m asl), in the square named Piazza Cesare Battisti, the route begins along Via San Francesco, towards N, until it reaches the park of Vallombrosa. Keeping the direction, the track crosses the lovely playground on the right of the stream of Cismón. After about a kilometer from the start, on the northern edge of the Vallombrosa park, the walk begins to tackle the most demanding stretch, along a path that, on the left towards W, climbs the eastern slopes of Mount Bedolé.

After a series of hairpin bends, at the junction with a gravel road, the route continues to the right towards Sirór / Nolésca, on a pleasant (and short) stretch on the road, then it resumes climbing on the left, again towards W, along a path which leads directly to the paved road that connects the hamlet of Nolésca with the village of Pieve. The itinerary then continues along the relatively flat paved road towards S, crossing the meadows that overlook Fiera di Primiero, which allow you to admire in front of you the mountain range of Vette Feltrine. The road leads to the location of Tassoni (906 m asl), where a bend precedes the beginning of a steep descent that leads directly to Pieve. Right at the hairpin bend, the route leaves the paved road and proceeds, heading SW, following a wide path towards Mezzano / Molarén, first facing a last ramp of a few meters – on the right towards W – and then starting a long descent in the forest, which – between farms and clearings – leads to location of Piani di Molarén, placed just above the village of Mezzano.

Once at Piani di Molarén, where the wide meadows offer a beautiful view of Mezzano and its surroundings, the route continues descending along the historic path of Via Nòva (Signpost No. 357), which you take to the left towards NE, following the signs for Pieve / Fiera di Primiero. The path of Via Nòva, wide and always well maintained, leads directly to the historic village of Pieve (720 m asl). The walk ends by crossing Pieve, first along Via San Rocco until reaching the Archpriest Church, then returning to the center of the colorful Fiera di Primiero along the main street (Via Giuseppe Terrabugio).


  • From Piazza Cesare Battisti, in the village of Fiera di Primiero (722 m asl), take Via San Francesco towards N, then cross the Vallombrosa park [0h 10],
  • At the northern edge of the Vallombrosa park, take the path on the left that climbs the eastern slopes of Monte Bedolé,
  • At the junction with a gravel road, continue to the right towards Sirór / Nolésca, then resume climbing on the left, towards W, until you reach the paved road [0h 40],
  • Continue on the paved road towards S until the location of Tassoni [0h 55],
  • From Tassoni (906 m asl), leave the paved road and head SW, following a wide path towards Mezzano / Molarén, until you reach the location of Piani di Molarén [1h 10],
  • From the crossroads at Piani di Molarén, descend along the path of Via Nòva (Signpost No. 357), towards Pieve / Fiera di Primiero,
  • Cross the village of Pieve (720 m asl) along Via San Rocco, then return to the center of Fiera di Primiero along Via Giuseppe Terrabugio [1h 30]. ✓