Comèlle Ravine from Rosetta

Rifugio Rosetta - Pian delle Comèlle - Orrido delle Comèlle - Viaz del Bus

Agordino,Pala Group,San Martino di Castrozza

andrej • 01/08/2020


06:00 hrs
15.0 km
Min. elevation
1679 m
Max. elevation
2578 m
Elevation gain
1150 m
Elevation loss
1150 m
Car park
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This unusual itinerary combines adventure with the suggestiveness of the places where it passes, allowing you to dive into a paradise of unspoiled nature in the heart of the Pala Group. The first part of the itinerary features the long descent along the valley named Val delle Comèlle and the ravine of Orrido delle Comèlle, up to the remarkable waterfalls of Garés; from the waterfalls of the Liera stream, the route returns to the end of the ravine of Val dei Bachét, then it follows the path called “Viaz del Bus” with a panoramic crossing that leads to the location called Valbona, from which the itinerary heads back to Rifugio Rosetta.

The route starts from the hut of Rifugio Rosetta “Giovanni Pedrotti” (2,578 m asl), from where it descends in a non-technically demanding stretch towards the NNE, along the path of the Signpost No. 703 “Farangole”, crossing the regional border between Trentino – Alto Adige / Südtirol and Veneto until reaching the location of Pian dei Cantoni (2,300 m asl). From Pian dei Cantoni, the route leaves the Signpost No. 703 to continue the descent on the bottom of the valley called Valle delle Comèlle towards Garés, heading N, along the Signpost No. 704, among large boulders and screes. The path of the Signpost No. 704 follows the watercourse of the Liera stream, crossing the scenic Pian delle Comèlle (1,800 m asl), along a plateau of white gravels screes between high walls of dolomitic rock, up to the entrance that precedes the ravine named Orrido delle Comèlle, treacherous gorge with steep equipped sections on the rock. The itinerary proceeds along the ravine, where the crystal clear waters of the Liera stream begin their course that covers the entire Valley of Garés for then flowing into the Biois stream by the village of Canale d’Agordo, until it reaches a wooden bridge that crosses the stream above the “Cascata Alta” (tr. high waterfall) of Garés or Comèlle, which alone widely repays the physical effort required to reach this remote corner of paradise of the Pala Group.

From “Cascata Alta” of Garés the path goes back along the ravine up to an altitude of 1,787 m, heading back to Pian delle Comèlle, where – near an outlet of the Val di Bachét that descends to the right between the slope of Banca delle Féde and the peak of Sasso Tedesco – an isolated boulder indicates “Viaz del Bus”, to the left towards SE. From this crossroads, the itinerary leaves the Signpost No. 704 to continue towards the SE along the Signpost No. 756A “Viaz del Bus”. The trail goes up on the left of a steep scree towards the imposing walls of the summit of Col Alto, apparently without a way out; the signs lead to the left on a ledge, equipped with a few meters of metal cable, which has a characteristic passage under a boulder, giving the name of the path (i.e. Viaz del Bus). Another metal rope protects an exposed stretch that leads to the top of this path and then, with a short and steep descent, into the location of Valbona, a particular wild environment of rare beauty. Without reaching the hut of Malga Valbona – a little further to the E and signposted along the main path -, the route continues to follow, on the right towards S, the Signpost No. 756 towards Rifugio Rosetta; a long and constant winding climb brings you back to the main plateau of the Pala Group, with the view gradually opening towards the mountains of the territory of Agordo. After the gap of Passo Antermarucol (2,334 m asl), the return proceeds crossing the Pale di San Martino plateau towards SW, until returning to Rifugio Rosetta.


  • From the hut of Rifugio Rosetta (2,578 m asl), descend towards the NNE along the path of the Signpost No. 703 “Farangole” until you reach the location of Pian dei Cantoni [0h 30],
  • From Pian dei Cantoni (2,300 m asl), leave the Signpost No. 703 and proceed along the path of the Signpost No. 704 towards Garés, crossing the plateau of Pian delle Comèlle (1,800 m asl) until reaching the entrance that precedes the ravine called Orrido delle Comèlle [1h 45],
  • [VARIANT] Follow the ravine until the wooden bridge of the “Cascata Alta” of Garés, then head back to Pian delle Comèlle [2h 30],
  • From the crossroads at Pian delle Comèlle (1,787 m asl), continue towards SE along the Signpost No. 756A “Viaz del Bus” [3h 00],
  • Without reaching Malga Valbona, continue along the Signpost No. 756 towards Rifugio Rosetta, until returning to the refuge [6h 00]. ✓


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