Remains of Malga Pradidali

Ritonda - Malga Pradidali - Prà Òstio - Prati Canali - Malga Canali

Canali Valley

gian • 18/02/2020


01:30 hrs
5.0 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1080 m
Max. elevation
1428 m
Elevation gain
250 m
Elevation loss
250 m
Car park
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The hike presented takes place in the northern part of Val Canali. The track develops entirely in the proximity of the bottom of the valley, on a route that starts from the basin, which serves as the starting point for the classic climb to the hut of Rifugio Pradidali. The itinerary is a nice loop that allows you to appreciate the beauty of some of the most interesting views of the Val Canali and Val Pradidali, without physically requiring any particular effort.

The route begins at the end of the main road which accesses Val Canali, at the crossroads of Ritonda / Sabbionade / Cant del Gal (around 1.180 m slm). The first stretch of the hike follows the signs for Rifugio Pradidali (Signpost No. 709), along the course of the Pradidali stream until passing by the hut called Baita Don Bosco (1,231 m asl). From the hut, instead of proceeding along Signpost No. 709, which crosses the stream and runs along the western side of the Val Pradidali, the route keeps on the eastern side of the valley, along a wide track that leads directly to Malga Pradidali (1,428 m asl). The hut, famous for its rich water springs, remained active until the 1960s. Nowadays reduced to ruin, it presents itself in a particularly fascinating position, immersed in the silence that only an abandoned place can bring with it.

From Malga Pradidali, which opens the view towards the peaks of Cimerlo and Sass Maór to the W, the route continues towards Malga Canali on a stretch in the forest, following what was, before 2018 (Vaia Storm), one of the most beautiful trails of the whole Val Canali and was then “converted” into an anonymous gravel road running on the contour heading to SW, leading in just under a kilometer near the beautiful basin of Pra d’Òstio. The meadow of Pra d’Òstio preserves several rural buildings, which have maintained the typical architecture of the “masi” (tr. farmsteads”) of the past.

From Pra d’Òstio, the road turns W, leading in rapid succession first to Prati Canali and then to Malga Canali (1,307 m asl). The hut of Malga Canali, immersed in green pastures and popular refreshment point, is in a position that allows you to have a 360 degree view of the surrounding peaks, including Pala Cristoforo to the W, Pala dei Colombi, Cima di Lastéi and the Cime del Coro to the N, Sass d’Ortiga, Cima d’Oltro and Monte Feltraio to the E.

From this point the way back to the start is a comfortable descent along the paved road connecting the bottom of the valley to Malga Canali (Signpost No. 707), the same that descends from Rifugio Treviso – Canali, which leads directly to the starting point while following the edges of the meadows of Prati Canali, along the course of the Canali stream.


  • By the end of the main road entering Val Canali, from the crossroads of Sabbionade (around 1,180 m asl), follow the Signpost No. 709 towards Rifugio Pradidali [0h 10],
  • Before crossing the stream called Torrente Pradidali, by Baita Don Bosco (1,231 m asl), follow the signs towards Malga Pradidali [0h 35],
  • From the remains of Malga Pradidali (1,428 m asl), follow the path heading SW towards Malga Canali, passing through the locations of Pra Òstio and Prati Canali [1h 10],
  • From the hut of Malga Canali (1,307 m asl), descend on the paved road accessing the hut (Signpost  No. 707) until reaching the starting point [1h 30]. ✓

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