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San Martino di Castrozza - Malga Civertaghe - Val de la Vècia - Fiera di Primiero

San Martino di Castrozza,Upper Primiero

aaron • 19/07/2020


03:00 hrs
12.6 km
A little
Min. elevation
710 m
Max. elevation
1467 m
Elevation gain
134 m
Elevation loss
860 m
Car park
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This nice walk starts from the center of the village of San Martino di Castrozza and arrives in Fiera di Primiero. The route is characterized by a first part on a path and a second one along the cycle path connecting San Martino di Castrozza with Siror which, among other things, also includes the interesting stretch on the bridge of Val de la Vècia.

The itinerary, almost entirely downhill, does not form a loop. Anyway, it is possible to easily reach the starting point in San Martino di Castrozza by using public transport or by car.

The walk starts near the church of San Martino di Castrozza (1,487 m asl), in the center of this pleasant tourist village lying right in front of the magnificent Dolomites of Pale di San Martino (the church is about 200 meters far from the bus stop). The itinerary initially crosses the picturesque central square called Piazzetta dei Crodaròi, and then proceeds along the road of Via Fontanelle on the dedicated lane. After a few hundred flat meters along Via Fontanelle, you reach the crossroads with Via Pez Gaiart (used – during the tourist season – as a link that allows cars to avoid passing through the center of San Martino di Castrozza).

After crossing the intersection, the walk continues towards the location of Prati Còl, which is a wide meadow located just below the Pale di San Martino, offering a wide sight that ranges from the peak of Cimon de la Pala to the one of Cima Val di Roda. Near the restaurant of Maso Còl, before reaching the building, the route leaves the paved road, proceeding uphill along a wide path (Signpost No. 724), which leads to the basin of Prati Còl (1,510 m asl). From here, once past the only short uphill stretch of the entire itinerary, follow the signs for Malga Civertaghe, choosing the path on the right hand side (being the most direct access route to the hut, while the other path rises a little higher, making the itinerary about half an hour longer).

While descending along the path towards Malga Civertaghe, after a couple of hairpin bends, the itinerary crosses a bridge over the valley called Val di Ròda, from which you can appreciate a beautiful view looking eastwards at the summit of Croda di Ròda. After crossing the bridge, the walk proceeds flat in the forest, on a path that, before reaching the hut of Malga Civertàghe (1,375 m asl), becomes a gravel road (Strada Forestale Civertaghe).

From Malga Civertàghe, the track continues along a downhill stretch along the “Camòi” road which, after a few steep bends in the forest, leads you back to Val di Ròda. At this point, by the crossroads with the cycle path connecting San Martino di Castrozza with Siror, the route continues to the left, southwards, along the paved road which, yet immersed in the forest, continues slightly downhill on the left bank of the Cismón torrent. By the location of Val de la Vècia, just above the power station of “Zivertàghe”, after a few hairpin turns, you reach the rope bridge. The bridge, designed with six carrying ropes and inaugurated in July 2020, is 58 m long and reaches a height of 23 m. After crossing the bridge and passing through some further hairpin bends, the cycle path leads you close to the bed of the Cismón torrent, where the track becomes less steep. After passing the location of Pònt del Friz (935 m asl) and continuing along the pleasant road, which follows the bed of the Cismón torrent and crosses it a couple of times, the track directly reaches the sports area of ​​Sirór, located north of the village.

In Sirór, by the park named Parco del Molìn, the walk continues, parallel to the main road SS 50, initially on the left side of the Cismón torrent and then on its right side, along the cycle path that reaches the park of Vallombrosa, in Fiera di Primiero. From the park of Vallombrosa, it will be sufficient to walk about 300 meters south, towards the center (road called Via San Francesco), in order to directly arrive at the center of Fiera di Primiero (710 m asl), in the pretty and colorful square named Piazza Cesare Battisti.


  • From the square named Piazzetta dei Crodaròi, in the village of San Martino di Castrozza, take the road called Via Fontanelle towards Prati Còl [0h 15],
  • Near the hut of Maso Còl, leave the paved road and go up the path of the Signpost No. 724 towards Prati Còl [0h 40],
  • From the meadows of Prati Còl (1,510 m asl), follow the signs towards Malga Civertaghe, keeping to the right hand side [1h 15],
  • From the hut of Malga Civertaghe (1,375 m asl), descend along the “Camòi” road, until reaching the crossroads with the cycle path, by the valley of Ròda [1h 20],
  • Descend along the cycle path towards Fiera di Primiero until getting by the “Molìn” park (Sirór) [2h 30],
  • From the park, continue along the cycle path until reaching the park of Vallombrosa Park, then descend along Via San Francesco getting into the center of the town, in the middle of the square named Piazza Cesare Battisti (710 m asl) [3h 00]. ✓


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