San Martino → Malga Valcigolèra

San Martino di Castrozza - Malga Valcigolera

Lagorai,San Martino di Castrozza

gian • 02/01/2024


01:15 hrs
3.7 km
No vertigo
Min. elevation
1471 m
Max. elevation
1884 m
Elevation gain
410 m
Elevation loss
Car park
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This winter itinerary is suitable for all those who would like to measure themselves, even for the first time, with snowshoes. Its length (a little more than an hour), the climbing of 400 m and the smooth bottom of the gravel road that leads directly to the malga make the hike quite popular in all seasons. The itinerary makes it possible to reach the hut of Malga Valcigolera directly from the village of San Martino di Castrozza; the malga, located at the arrival of the “Cristiania” and “Sole” slopes, is a place frequented by skiers and it is located in the heart of the skiing itinerary named “Carosello delle Malghe”. Depending on the condition of the ski area, at one’s discretion, the walk can be tackled not only with snowshoes but also with boots (and possibly crampons) or mountaineering skis.

From the parking lot in Via Laghetto (1,471 m asl), near the hostel in San Martino di Castrozza, the route starts by taking the gravel road “Strada Forestale Tognola”, along the Signpost No. 350, towards Lago di Calaita / Malga Crél. After an initial uphill stretch of just over a hundred meters, the road plunges flat into the forest, in the silent and fascinating environment of the locality of Pian dei Laghetti. Once reached the first crossroads (1,497 m asl), the itinerary continues along the “Strada Forestale Tognola”, now along the Signpost No. 368, toward Malga Valcigolera. In a first section, which precedes the arrival at a second crossroads, one can sporadically see beyond the forest – to the S – the ski slope “Tre”, on the other side of the stream bed. After passing the crossroads with the road leading to Malga Ces, where the route keeps to the left following the signs for Malga Valcigolera, the hike continues on the road that, in short, crosses the stream of Rio Val Cigolèra (~1,665 m asl). Just before the bridge, it is possible to take, on the right, the sunnier but slightly more technical variant of the trail called “Sentiero Heidi,” which also leads to Malga Valcigolera

Shortly after crossing the stream, the itinerary faces the most physically demanding stretch; three hairpin bends in rapid succession in a section where the road becomes definitely steeper lead to the meadowy basin where Malga Valcigolèra (1,884 m asl) stands, at the foot of the summit of Cima Valcigolèra and the northern peaks of the mountain range of Lagorai, facing the Dolomites of the Pale di San Martino / Pala Group.


  • From the parking lot of Via Laghetto (1,471 m asl), follow the gravel road “Strada Forestale Tognola” (Signpost No. 350, then Signpost No. 368), in the direction of Lago di Calaita / Malga Crél / Malga Valcigolera, leading to Malga Valcigolèra (1,884 m asl). [1h 15] ✓



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